Monday, April 14, 2014

PhotoWalking- Majnu ka Tilla and Paranthe Wali Gali

More to come, if time permits. :P

The photos were taken randomly just to use my camera and learn something on a Sunday. No serious thought given to any picture. Just good editing and hiding my mistakes.
And none of the photos were taken in Auto Focus or Auto Mode. So yes, I know. I am like, awesome or something.

Monday, April 7, 2014

This guy rocks.

One fine day I suddenly find my friend laughing his guts out, and he laughs so much he just lies on the mess-corridor of our college. I am intrigued, obviously.

I go and try to find out what is making him laugh. Then I take his mobile and see that he is watching this:

There are so many pretentious review videos made about Gunda and the like, but this one just made me laugh the most.

1. The way the guy says 'Changed my life forever'- this itself makes you laugh the hell out of your guts.

2. The tag lines! Oh god!

3. The labels below ( This Guy...Went to IIT)

4. Classic editing- you get what you should and at the most appropriate time)

5. "Against gangsters, systems....and logic" Hahahahhaha. xD

6. "Banana Enthusiast."- Oh God.

and it goes on and on and on.

And what is the best thing? You do not stop here, and go on to see who uploaded this "crazy shit" and then look through ALL the videos. And all of them are plain, simple, awesome.

And if you are like me, you will find the person on Facebook and just give him a message. But then no one can be like me. I am too cool. :P

I am so happy that there are few Indians who are doing great quality video-blogging. :D And the guy who can point out the wrong usage of 'apparently', is in my Favorite list.

This one, is Awesome.

"Lesbian person, gay person, whatever you call them, they have the right to be a straight person."


'What do you think of Section 377?"

"I am new to this city, so I do not have much idea."

"I enjoy so much with Homosex."

"Kerala is too much."

"Over friendship."

Ayyo rama. Krishna. Kadavule ( Oh God! )

Kanan Gill, I don't know how you deal with such shit with a straight face.  How, How How do you keep that straight face??????

Watch Kanan Gill's videos here:

I am not advertising, I am just a new fan. *fangirl dance*

And he blogs too. :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poem for Slam Poetry

This is a poem I had written for slamming. Here it is:

They called me a fat girl when I walked
And I just looked at them
And I smiled.
They called me a fat girl when I was trying a pair of jeans on
I looked at them, they couldn’t fathom
How would she fit in those
I laughed at myself, and I bought those jeans
And I smiled.
They called me a fat girl when I went up on the stage
I gazed at their gaze,
My head was up and I spoke what  I had to
With applaud came whistles,
And then came someone saying‘Go Fatty’
I went.
But I smiled.
They called me a fat girl when I ate French fries
I smiled.
They called me a fat girl when I drank green tea.
I smiled.
They called me a fat girl when I tried to look pretty
And wore a dress which fit my body,
I smiled.
I went to my room and saw myself in the mirror.
I smiled.
I liked what I saw.
I liked the person looking back at me.
Why do you smile,
That smile hides your pain-
A friend of mine said.
What pain? I asked.
Pain of being a little larger than the normal?
Pain of being given more adipose tissue?
Pain of having more skin on the femur?
Pain of having curves and not bones?
Pain of having the same or better qualities with a bigger body?

Pain of what? Pain of WHAT?
What else will they call me?
Chubby? Plump? A little on the heavier side?
I do not need those euphemisms.
Do not call me Anything!
At least do not call me what I am not!
But if you call me fat,
I will smile.
Because I am fat!
Because I love myself!

I like myself!
I am a fat girl.
I should smile!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Killing yourself Softly.

I would like to keep it this way,
I would like you not to know.

Fear of a no,
Fear of a sorry,
Fear of pity drags me to
a corner of my heart,
which says
Let it be a mystery,
let it be hidden,
enjoy the small pangs,
and let life be.

What if?
That is the question.

What if it is a no.
That is the fear.

What if it is a yes.
That is an impossibility.

What if it is nothing?
That is an unfortunate,
distant possibility.

Things may go wrong,
Things might not be what you
want them to be,
but keep it hidden,
and cherish it.
Once it is out,
and it is the wrong time
wrong person,
wrong manner,
wrong , wrong,
and nothing but wrong.
You will regret,
what was not regrettable.
You will feel sad,
for what you should have been merry.
You will feel wronged,
when it was not that person's mistake.
You will feel used.
Used by your emotions.
You will feel pitied.
When you don't get the pedestal
you want.
You won't remain,
You will distance yourself,
from what you were,
what you wanted to be.
You will kill yourself,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What if one day god makes us NOT think of ANYTHING?

CAUTION: This may boggle your brains.

That is really a good question. *pats herself*

I wrote this as a Facebook Status to get to know whether or not it is a question that makes people think. ( Paradox, woah. :O I surprise myself. ) Well in 2 minutes people came up with likes ( Blase) and opinions ( good ones.)

I thought that I would keep it as a Facebook status only, but then I deemed it as a more important question.

A girl said, 'we wouldn't know about that day. because no past to remember and no presence of mind to connect with '

Let me clarify here: I did not mean remembering, or making me forget something. Remembering and thinking are very different. I actually thought people will come up with this, telling that if God makes you not think of anything, that means he won't make you think of the day you are not thinking on.

What I mean is, a day when we just, just live and go with the flow. We do not think of the past, the future, or even the present. We just wake up, and do not think of which day is it...What is my time-table? What do I have in my roster? Who do I need to meet? I don't take my brush thinking whether or I need to buy a new one, or if it is new I don't want to think of the day I bought it. While brushing, I do not want to look at my face and think how bad or good I look, ( considering me it will be the former :P ), does my hair need a wash today, do I even need to take a bath ( sorry people, I think that. I am really sorry.)

See, in first ten minutes of the day you think SO MUCH. If you don't at least I do. And see, actually, everyone thinks this much. It is really natural, our brain constantly keeps working and connecting dots, or making dots and then connecting them. Why is that something which never existed in our thought process the day before exists today? Because we bloody keep thinking.

"God makes you think? Wow, that's a privilege. I have to manage it myself!"

That is a funny one there. I did not say God can stop us from thinking because he makes us think. Nope, 
thinking is entirely human agency cronies :P Exactly why, you need some ethereal being to stop you from thinking.

Then some friends of mine claim they do not think. Guess what, they think they don't. See, this is a freakin' vicious cycle of sorts.

So yes, what if one day I just don't think. I just don't think about not thinking also. What will that day be like?

I wake up, and find everything new.

Wait, did not I just think that "Wait, I am seeing these things for the first time. Wait,that means they are new."

Dayem,  I can't even think of how it will be like to not think about it!

When we say, "Gah, I don't think of all that."- This agency is provided by our knowing of the fact that there is something we need not think about. Knowing is also connected to thinking! 

Here too, aren't not we hoping for the best? Isn't hope a part of our thinking process? We think everything will be fine. 

I guess thinking makes us alive. It makes us human. What we can do is just thinking more about something and less about the other. Balancing is the way to go. Easy to say I know, but then what else can I end with? Ending at a negative note doesn't do good.  So yes, let us all try and balance all the shit that happens in our life and THINK that we will end up good, hale and hearty. 

Wait, we end up dying anyway. But still, is not life all about striving to make the most out of it? Hmm, there, there is something to think about.


Monday, March 10, 2014

They told me.

These are two poems I wrote for a course project, and I would really love to slam one day. 

A poem by a woman and a man
They told me to stay at home
Work for the family,
Feed the children.
Told me to keep my emotions intact
And aggression behind,
Told me to be feeble and meek
And to be a subordinate.
They told me to leave my family behind
To make a new one,
Devote all my life to them,
And forget I have a life of my own.
They told me to cook food for my husband
Give him water when is throat went dry
If he demanded something and I could not get it
Get bashed
Get beaten
You’re the wife, they said.
Your duty is to serve him,
As he is the man.
You have no rights,
You are inferior.
As you are a woman.
They told me to stay out of home,
Work for feeding the family,
Go learn all the industry’s work,
Told me to keep my emotions behind,
And aggression intact.
Told me to be wise, brave and stern
They told me to force my wife into birthing a child.
They told me to work hard and not be sentimental,
Work hard until my throat was parched,
Ask my wife to serve me,
And if she does not,
They said-
Bash her up
Beat her up
You’re the husband, they said.
Your duty is to be the breadwinner,
Your right,
Is to make her feel inferior,
Make her feel like a woman.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Life is about small things, they say. But what do you do when every small thing is big for you, and everything matters?

Having a huge ego has posed for me a great problem- I read between the lines of the simplest of things, and then I irritate the person to such an extent, I lose all the connections or whatever I had with him/her. When I say something which I had not expected myself to say, I feel I have gone below dignity. Turns out, if I make some friend of mine read what I wrote to someone, he/she finds it normal and not corny. What is it that gives me a huge ego, is a great mystery.

There is yet another issue with me. If I have done something great in life, I cling onto that and think that I will continue doing great in that. And if I fail once, I feel like every domino has fallen and I have nothing left. It is also because people call you something great and when you do not do one of the many things right in that domain, you feel like a failure. Wait, it is supposed to be 'I' and not you in that whole sentence. Gah, now I am projecting my own feelings on others.

I think all these thoughts go through your mind when either you are too busy to think nothing but this, or when you are too jobless. I am somewhere in between, and the void is really irritating, I say. And then I victimise my blog and my readers to go through all this :P

I found this really cute poem, the poet has tried hard to get the rhyme right, but it says a lot:

Have you ever fought an ego?
It's a pretty tough thing to beat
It has no face, no head, no heart
It has no hands or feet

You cannot see it with your eyes
No matter how long you stare
And though you cannot touch it
It will let you know it's there

An ego will fight dirty
An ego does not care
It will kick and stomp and bite you
But it's invisible, so beware!

An ego's really ugly
Although it has no face
It lives and breathes and haunts you
From it's own time and space

The only way to defeat it
Is to leave it's ugly home
And this, my friends, is what is made
Of flesh and blood and bone

Turn your back and walk away
Don't sing it's ugly song
It's going to take all of your might
Before it's really gone

The only way to kill it
(It's hard, but you must try)
Is to open your mouth, take a deep breath
And firmly say, "Good-bye!"