Monday, October 18, 2010

Intro to the world of craze and daze...

P. Subbu Mind Crap # 1

Yesterday I saw the great "London Calling" episode of Ugly Betty and today I saw the film Julie-Julia and thought how great blogging can be. But this is not the reason I am writing a blog, nor I am writing about food as the actor in the film does. There was something that was aching in me. I was not able to find out what. And today I realised--I have so many thoughts to deliver, but they remain undelivered just like the condition of a letter in the Indian Postal services. But, then, I reviewed all the status in my facebookaccount, and I got to know that I get many likes and many sensible and heart-touching comments on my thoughts that I randomly put up in the blank box provided by FB. Many of them say " YOu have gift of words", many say "you think different" or simply "Love you girl..".

All these comments make me realise that if I am capable of writing something good at a mere age of 16, and if people like my mind crap,[that is what I think my thoughts are.] then why not give it a try.

I always am on the internet, at least an hour in a day, or more than that in holidays. So, this was another reason to start collecting crap in this creative dump yard.

My blog would not be just about the random freaky things that come in my mind. I won't do bull shit here as some people do in twitter- writing about when did they wake up and when their smelling laundry was delivered to the cleaners. Everyday life wont interest anyone.

THis blog may not become famous, but atleast I would be content that my thoughts are reaching to some small part of the world, which is far from where I am QWERTYing this.

I may not promise to deliver very out of the world posts, but I hope that whatever I write, any random person can relate to, most probably who is of my age, can.

I am not a very big writer, but I think I think big. And that is what matters.

Think big, no matter how small you are.

and right now, I am thinking of sending this link to my mail contacts..hope I get famous soon[LIKE THAT's ever gonna happen.]

--Prerna Subbu...