Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poem....On Seven sins


Or the seven deadly Sins,
Covers all the probabilities
Of peccadilloes,
That could be committed by the HUMANITY.

glows up within a man
It is like a sentiment
 that can not be brought under control
 It can make a rich man a refugee,
Because this sin deprives him of his mores and morals,
And makes him do all the wrongs,
Just to fulfill his desires.

 We all have two faces,
We cover our real image, cover our wounds
Not admitting the pockmarks in our character,
We always keep our real emotions incarcerated
And show the world a conceited face,
Forgetting our hard days.
We assassinate out fears,
And show as if we are the winners of all the races.

IT develops like a voracious thirst
It creeps like a climber,
Ingests all our emotions
demolishing us from the inside
The want seems to be endless,
Just like wanting a sunrise during a sunset.

It is like a bane that shrivels us
IT is like a sweet poison that never makes us start the race,
We keep our focus on some other person,
Diminishing our own soul
When we put every thought under rest,
It is too late,
And we never can achieve the wanted position.

Its intake seems endless,
Makes our mind more materialistic,
When we suffer from it,
Everything seems fantastic,
When we realize that
What it has really done to us,
NO one but we are dejected.

The body throws out all the energy,
The anesthetizing decline
Converts into redundancy,
That leads us to reverie,
We never try to uplift our position,
Rather we choose to mix ourselves with the ground,
To become a person never ever to be found.

It rises slowly in our body,
Bubbling our minds
Most of the time the reason is
Emotions gone with the wind,
Control converted into ash and dust,
We lose hope, life has no reason
We are into disloyalty and sheer treason.

But then,
All of this consists of one common
That is – Lie and false hood,
It is more than these 7 sins,
It is above all the wrongdoings,
It leads to one sin, to another,
Leading a man to decay
And sentiments to be smothered.

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Sree said...

good anysis of life!