Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soar high

The poem which fetched me fame in school:-

IF you want to soar high
You need to fight hard,
If you want to fly up there, 
You have to be as swift as a pard.
You have to keep no stones unturned,
You have to strive every time,
Yet you should not take your job as a load,
Have fun at the same time.
You need to get to the point,
Very fast, but decisively,
When the clouds are heavy,
You need to cross the road properly.
So the same way you ought to take every decision cautiously,
You need to pep up your fortitude,
Perk your energy,
And that is how, 
You get the captivating attitude.
God is testing you,
All the way in your life,
You need to get the outlook and the stance,
To make your dreams get fulfilled.
So, buck up, pull your socks up,
And get started.
Its high time,
You need to work it up,
And make your success bells chime.

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