Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turn in life.

I thought, arey aana hai to aa jaega din jab chennai jaana hoga ( Duh! The day of going to Chennai will come when it has to come)!. And in no time,amidst all the 10th board havoc, I was put into Chennai by fate. Even such a rush God made it for me, as if he wanted me to leave Korba as soon as possible, to my utter regret.

I woke up in the morning of 24th March, thinking that I would go and bid my last adieu to my best buddies, and suddenly a phone call arrives that my admission test is due on the 27th!. Actually, my ticket was booked for 30th of April, and this was all sudden for me. I had to leave Korba without informing each and every friend of mine, making many friends and special ones cry, I parted from Korba BY CAR (From korba to chennai, 1400 kms.) ;as if it were a breeze that touched me for a nanosecond and blew away without a sound.
I was not able to look at my birthplace for the last time, neither I saw my buddies for the last time. It was a rush that bummed me up.

At last I have reached Chennai now, and I have got admission in One of the most prestigious school in Chennai, Chettinad Vidyashram. Though I feel like an alien till now where people ask me "What? Perenna? Prerna? Oh, okay", there are some people who are making me feel as comfortable as I felt where people asked me "are you THAT prerna?"

In no time, I will try my level best to leave and make my mark here too, where my name would be proudly pronounced rather than made face at. GO PERENNA, oops! Prerna ...

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