Friday, July 1, 2011


There was once a barren world,
with absolutely nothing to see around,
no birds and animals making sounds,
Silence knew no bounds!

Slowly, small creatures appeared,
Hence, the grim silence disappeared,
The barren world started getting a life,
It started living and breathing,
To, a new venture,
Mother nature, was leading.

Creatures were as small as a speck of sand,
Some evolved in water, some whelped on land,
Though they were all present with each other,
they did not help, destroy or communicate,
the absence of mind and thinking
was the very barricade.

Millions and gazillions years passed,
there came the "creature" that was,
crafted to make this world seem serene and beautiful,
God sent him as a servant, dutiful.
Neither the nature nor God did know,
this living being was never meant to be so.

he started inventing, knowing, talking and blooming.
"all for good" was, fortunately his foremost thinking,
But alas! He started constructing, disrupting,
corrupting and destructing;
Making the world exclaim on itself-
"What I have become!!!
And What was I expecting!!!"

beginning, was a promising one.
Evolution is unpredictable,
Man, the so called intelligent creature
has defied even the immaculate God!
What more he can ever do????
Doomsday is awaited to this imperfect world,
its time for a new beginning,
Without further ado.

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