Friday, July 1, 2011


My superwoman: Prerna S Manian

No, no beauty pageant has she won
No, no awesome post she has sworn,
Still, she is a superwoman.
No, she is not paid for what she does.
No, she hardly has time to lay down after the daily fuss.
Still, she has no complaints.
Yes, sometimes she nags a bit,
Yes, sometimes we backfire her a lot,
Yes, she gets irritated with too much work,
But end of the day, she has a smile
That says- this I do, for all of you.
Yes, sometimes she also wants  to shop and enjoy,
Yes, she also wants to be served
Still, she manages to adjust.
This is a person,
Who is a simple woman at heart,
But amazingly,
Even god bows his head down at her.
Because what she does is nature’s most beautiful part.
Even a terrorist calls her name in pain,
Even a businessman pays tribute to her after all his brain-drain.
A person with a simple soul but divine ideologies.
For me, mothers are the foremost prodigies.


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