Friday, July 1, 2011


It is a legend that boys are more attached to their mothers and girls more attached to their fathers. Though the myth doesnt work for me, because I am equally attached to both of them But, my relationship with father, is very different. We are more like friends, fighting, shouting, enjoying, discussing movies, cheering Akshay Kumar, irritating mother with our similar habits and what not!! He is always ready with whatever I want before I ask for it. Be it gadgets, or packet of gulab jamuns.

As it is said, father is a girl's first love and mother her first beauty icon. Here it is my father, who is an epitome of intelligence,wit,humour. He scolds me too, but then yes- all for good.

"No matter what, he is always there!!"

Formerly, I lived in a small place called Korba, in Chhattisgarh, where my father currently works as an engineer in the electricity board. I chose a subject in Class 11th that was not available there so I had to come all the way to Chennai,my home-city, with my mother. My father is not here with me ( physically, technologies have kept us in contact!),but I feel that how much his presence matters at home. My mother misses him too, but then they both have sacrificed all their needs and have done all this for my studies. And i aim to do the best and make them proud.

When father is on my side, I feel secured.
When father is at home, ma is always cheerful.
When he is away for a minute or comes late, my heart sinks.
No matter what the world thinks,
My dad is the best.
The best of all.