Monday, August 15, 2011

Doomsday is So Near!

I am not a biiiig environment freak, but yeaa I DO CARE. Want proof? Read on.

Legs stretched, arms clutched,
Eyes calmly closed;
And I slowly enter into a land of dreams,
Brows relaxed, hair loosened, smooth breath,
My body caresses the cot and slumber embraces me.

My room is cool, by the grace of human expertise.
For getting warmth, I leisurely dig into the comfortable quilt.
There is a slight smile on my face,
For I am in love with the relief and fulfillment,
that I have gained after doing
all the wearisome jobs of the fast-paced life .

I recall, what all I did,
And what all I have left for the impending day,
My reason soon recollects, throws, recycles and renews all the
happenings in my life.
I want to drift away from the noisy world.

But soon! Everything unusually,
Fades away.
Just like a motion picture, when the villain enters and destroys peace,
I enter another scene.

Fire, flames, blaze, inferno;
Blood, flesh, guns and bullets, burnt human torso
Mothers crying, fathers dropping dead,
Children committing suicide,
Death and treachery blanketing the Earth.

Trains destructing, planes crashing,
Cars turning, bikes fuming,
Humans getting killed and burnt.
Kisses turned into thrashings,
Hugs turning into slaughtering.
Greetings into murdering.

Man is out of his mind and control,
Angels cry, when they look from the “heaven” above.
 Even they can't cast a spell and discontinue the uproar.
Because its too late.Very late
Legs shiver, arms quiver,
Eyes twitch and pain.
And I want to come out of this moment of truth, it is making me insane!
Brows ache, hair reeks, and I have expeditious breath,
My cot turns into bed of thorns and wants to throw me away to the horrid world.
My room is cool but my body is drenched with sweat.

Because God shows me the
blazing but the ugly truth.
He makes me wonder-
What we are and what can we be in future,
What our actions can do to our earth!!!!

I slowly draw out of the nauseating quilt,
Tears dribble down my cheeks,
For I have seen the real grotesque world we live in.
I push away the slumber which once embraced me.
Why to love relief 
When it itself hates me?
I am awake, wide awake.  

My reason does not have time to recall what all I have done.
Now its time to act, not sleep.
I have to change the noisy world. 
Its time to prevent our world to become
A travesty of butchery.
Its time to turn our world a,
Vaudeville of happiness and beauty,

So that there is no ingress for villainy.

A world, where
Destruction of peace is a taboo,
World is quiet, Lord is pleased,
And nature is out of any hullabaloo
 I am awake, wide awake.


Manali said...

as usual................. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Manali said...

the piccc is great... lol!!!!!!!!!