Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life is not full of struggle, Life is a struggle!!! =)

What an epic line right? Found this on Facebook "Your status on this day in 2010." Sure thing, Mark Zuckerberg keeps reminding how much we have changed in years.

God is in a rush for me, I think. So much has taken place over one week, that it is hard to account all the happenings without pondering over it for a long time. Everything has made me become something new, learn something, and has also made me leave some wrong things.

So, starting with "becoming something new", I am handling the Public relations office in a Writer's guild. I dont even know how to handle my own "personal relations" and "keep them in contact" but then, everything has a first time, and you need to get seasoned through new experience. I dont know whether I will fair well in this Job, because of the shortage of contacts of "famous elite people" I have, but still, trying never goes in vain.

Learn, OMG! Seriously, it is correctly said that more than your text book you learn from every episode of your life.
I recently met with a very experienced person in an advertisement agency, who taught me so many things that really made me feel confident about where and what I am upto. I felt that though many people around me are not that enthusiastic about the stream I have chosen ( All those crap- You are a 10 pointer, A grader, how come you chose Humanities? my reply- because I am a 10 pointer, I chose this. If I had got less, I wouldn't have. BEAT THAT), there are people who tend to be out of the ordinary and make this stream more interesting than others.Thank you to Mrs.Mala.!!!!

My father recently( Ya, you will find the word recently getting repeated again and again, as I said,God is in a hurry for me)got admitted in the hospital, for  kidney stone. It was a Christian Hospital, named "Kalyani( Kalyani, ah! India! Love it for the amalgamation of cultures), where the atmosphere clearly stated- even though you are a Muslim, a Brahmin-Iyyer, we dont care. We will care and cure until you are in your best, and we are satisfied. Two Nuns, went around patients, asked them if they will like them to pray for them, everyone was ready. They chanted some prayers to Jesus, with so much devotion, that the care only must have cured half of them. They were so fast in chanting, it ended in a jiffy but it had an everlasting effect on all of the people present there. The two nuns had a clear streak of satisfaction in their eyes, it was very crystal clear that God was happy for the work they are doing, acting as his soldiers for a better humanity.

And yes, My father is all right!:)\

My school life is not that monotonous, because of some of my friends. But what I think of an ideal school is similar to my previous setting in Korba. when you enter the classroom, there is no group-ism, there is not one bit of indecency, even if there is, it is manageable and enjoyable. People are ready with hugs, teachers smile when they are wished "GOOD MORNING>" They, according to the basics, teach for god sake, and then allow you to have fun too. There are periods for "sitting in the library" and not only watching AV ROOMS or some goddamn couple in your class make out. My setting is very simple- it should be fun, decent, a little pinch of studies, great student-teacher-seniors relationship and where everyone is approachable and awesome enough to remember.

Hope my college life is better, and doesn't make me realise that the conventional sweet 16 was not sweet enough for me, until now.

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Anonymous said...

blush blush:) just read yr post. like they say, its easy to give advice.i just did it on a lazy sunday. its difficult to take it and feel grateful to boot. you just did that. i know u will rock as PR at writers guild. tell me more when u r upto it.
But no posts in 10 days? all well w you girl?