Thursday, August 18, 2011

One day NOT IN SCHOOL- Nothing big.:P

Not going to school, was a big deal when I was a DIPSITE. Oh my god~~!! I will be missing my friends's fights, gossips,events, happenings, important classes, some big announcements, that is, atleast SOMETHING was there to be missed and regretted about. But here! OMG! Though my friends here are equally filled with all the gossips and yappiti yaps, but classes? What are they?:P Not that we dont study, we do study, but then, since I have left the normal subjects like maths, and science, I dont feel like I am being crushed under the might of the teachers. Teachings have become normal discussions, even if you miss, you will end up understanding it on your own.Hope its a good thing!! :)

Today i did not go to school, due to some primary wrist  and muscle pain ( my parents always tell me I will be soon getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome..:P)....but guess what I missed? Some people in my school are going out. Umm?? Do I find any point??

From today, I have started keeping a THURSDAY FAST, thanks to THE HINDU's articles of keeping your immune system healthy and my belief on SAI BABA, who told his devotees to keep a fast on "brehaspativaar"

. One day if you are bereft food, DUDE I say!!! it can really help you rejuvenate the system in your body ( my mother says- can make you realise the plight of poor people who die in hunger..)..Seriously, its so damn true.

As I was "vetti" (jobless in tamil) today, I decided to have some filmy afternoon with my pati (nani, grandma) and ma. my father, before leaving to korba had downloaded couple of films for me, and I chose "Chalo Dilli".
This film, as some part of its name say,  it really took my "dil"(heart) away. Lara Dutta CAN act.Seriously.
It taught me " Dont ever think your problems are the biggest, people are suffering more than you."

This is so right. People always end up making a big deal of their problems. But if they think, that their problems are nothing in front of other poor people's plight, one can really take life easily and its bullets of examinations smoothly. As Punjabis Say- "Koi Gall nahi! Jo ogga dekka jaega!! Isme Konsi Badi baat ho gayi!!!"

So, one day without school taught me the importance of food in life, importance of being happy go lucky, and made me understand how jobless we are in school, blabbering about some random people who we are not even going to meet after some years.But still, I cant assure we will stop doing it. Living in the moment is our mantra.:P...or the real reason- WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO :P


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