Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So much to learn!!

3 days bereft blogging, Oh! Doesnt it feel bad, and dont i feel guilty??

I had to be without it, because I got busy enjoying with my father, who tends to come only 10 days a month to see me and ma from Korba.:)

When I am told I am a "Very funny" person, I have started saying "OOOO>..go check my blog then ( Advertising people, yes, what to do!! Fate!). What people ask is " How many followers do you have?" and I am like "8?? IS that good enough for a beginner?" They wont pay a heed and shoot another question "Do they know you?", I will say "YES" and they will be like "HA! Then nobody really cares!"

Dont they know people dont write blog, at least I dont just for the sake of making it famous and for becoming a renowned "BLOGGER". Being an "Avid Blogger" doesnt build up a resume does it? And if it does, then I dont need followers, I just need good posts.!

I have been making some of my real friends ( at least for the time being) sick by telling tales of my amazing days as a DIPSITE. I dont know how they feel, the big thing is I dont care. I just want to pour out my good moments to people so that I dont really feel emptiness I and many other newbies like me in CV are going through.

People may call me self obsessed or "the girl who is in her own world" but then what is wrong in it? I like to be so, because that really makes you creative.

I have learned many things about "complexities". People who have many romantic needs in their life at the age of 16 ( yes you heard that people, if some one is reading this, thank you.:P..), they end up making up stories which fulfill their mental requirements. LIke "THat guy proposed me, his name is this and that, he did that, bluah bluah,!!!..." Inside in their mind( most probably) its like this- "He doesnt exist. I am just saying because I want this to happen and I am being willful."

Second thing I learned is, people end up being hypocrites when they want to fulfill their desperate requirements. Like for example, some guy who was a "GOD BROTHER" for 5 months ends up being "GOD GIFTED BOY FRIEND" after 5 days.:)

I have learned that nobody, not even me ( seriously, NO), is an absolute gem in everything.(You must be thinking, you realise that now? from which world are you?). I will answer that doubt like this-

I realised it long ago, now i am realising everday.

Fourth thing, People end up saying bogus things just for the sake of being different from others. Like for example take some anti corruption campaign. Whats India's population again? 1.56 billion? Yea, so if 1 billion people are supporting the campaign, some people are like " I dont support him." Why? For that they will blabber something in their "city hi -fi english (which partially doesnt make sense at all, and to an extent does) and end up blabbering idiocy rather than intellect, just for the sake of "Standing out", and so that people can listen to their "different views" and they get the much wanted attention.

Uh? Why? Robert Frost said to take the road not taken, but then he did not tell to go astray, or take the different road just for the sake of being "the out of the ordinary." HOW EXTRAORDINARY? Um, Null?

Maybe till now you must have suffered my frustration  oozing out in a very hyper manner, but then, that is my genre of blogging. Writing out the frustration and making it public.:P

and BTW-

8 followers, RESPECT>!!!!

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