Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That skip of the heart!!!!

it happens to everyone in their "student-hood." When your answer sheets are being distributed, the teacher looks like a devil, or say a mafia with the gun pointing at you, ready to release the bullet of marks and blow you away, aye? 
When she sits, people surround her like pigs, some peeping at others marks as if they can really make out what is there from like, 30 metres away??? Some people will brush out of the "flock" and ask the teacher "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM !!! How have I performed?" and the teacher will give her either a stern look, or if she is kosher enough, she will hand out the paper and say " better luck next time", o r(what I have seen in my previous school) " You dont want be ashamed of yourself in front of everybody, do you?" Then she will go on ruining everybody's life. 

Some teachers do very exasperating things. They will check your copy in front of them, put a tick mark, and when if at all there is a wrong mark, they will look at you, and then will give the this-was-not-expected-from-you-what-shit-have-you-blabbered look!:P And during this "irritating phenomena", a squeaky cranky girl will hop and disturb her, and ask "MAM!!!!!!! When are we going for the...bla bla bla...yappiti yappiti yap..." And the student, whose copy is being checked, is full of killer instincts and is ready to shove the duster inside the girl's face.:P

When the "peeping job" is under process, the person who is doing it has to be a "keen observer." With me, it has happened a lot. Already I am a half-blind person, with pair of spectacles adding to the "beauty" of my face( *note the sarcasm*), and when it comes to peeping, I simply suck at it.

So yeah, when a person peeps when mam is distributing the "answer sheets" (which ironically have many question marks),his heart runs a 200 m race twice a second.:P(*note the exaggeration*)The teacher takes out one paper, and the person thinks "Oh Sheesh! I guess that is my handwriting! 17? What the hell? How badly has she checked man!!" and then she calls out some other name and then there is the big "sigh" of relief, lungs flowing out of the chest and yelling "Aha!"

Next paper, 
"Oh my God! I think that is the ink I used in my paper! 7???? What is this?? A " -10 add 10" game???? I cant fail! Or can I? I think I can?"

Some other name.

And the next paper. The person doesn't even care now, thinking " THis will also have some random number, it wont be mine. I think she has lost my paper." And when she will head towards the seat, 
"Hey you? Take this paper."

"Oh! THank you mam"

"Why God why! Why cant my gut insticts match with you? No I am not talking about giving me the 7 and 17 marks, I dont really want them.:P, but still, already I am so tensed, why to make me sweat like a pig?"

The person takes the paper. And before she gets to see the paper or know her marks and her mistakes,


"Hey you got ** marks."
"Oh is it? Thanks."

Yes, its common isnt it?

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm not bragging or anything, but back in my school days, my copy used to burn people's asses black !! :P
Funny thing that stopped happening once I came to college. I care more about the dog in my hostel than the fate of my answer sheets now! I guess that's what people mean when they talk about education preparing you for the life ahead etc!

PS- WTF is this new theme?!!! :0 Please, switch to WordPress. Bloggers like you belong there, not here. :)