Saturday, August 20, 2011


Though I have never been through this kind ( see left) of tension, the 1st term exam tension is bugging everyone's head off. But then, say "oh wow" to the present generation, we always find time for "Parties" and "Hang Outs" "Chillin' out" and "facebooking"...and "texting"....:P!! Not that appreciable??
Elders call it "waste of time", we cover up saying "multi tasking....multi faceted".
:P ( HA> HA> we mean it.:P we know the truth behind it don't we??)
Thanks to my mother, and her continuous "EHEMS" and "HMMM..x-(", I dont really destroy my "study" life by the domination of my "social life."
 Well, Saturday School Days are not really school days, not here it is not. People are either "texting" doing those stuffs, i am euphemistic BECAUSE I pity them ", "teasing" or doing something or other, but not studying, not at all, and teachers sitting on their seat, staring at everyone wondering "What will happen to these children?"

Through keen and thorough observation, some people befriend people, because they have "money"...!...or they can "be used anytime for anything..who knows naa!"...or because "they look HOT" or "walking with them would enhance their HOTNESS"...bluah..blah..yada yada yada..They take pride in  saying "***" is my friend!!!...and they like to get recognised by their" oh hi! u r ****'s friend right? and they will shake their head as if Bill Gates has given them quarter of his property and is asking whether they want more!

Dont they realise, they dont have an identity?

Having lots of friends, is "cool" it seems. Is it?  Dont they realise, "having good friends" is "smart">>???

Having lots of boy friends ( as in friends who are boys) is "chic" for girls.....dont you think going overboard may give them various synonyms???/

OH these kids!! :P

Well, Do i Care???:P

So now that bringing mobile has been abolished, ...


...PEOPLE ARE STILL BRINGING MOBILE>...thats like 21st century kids!! :P 

(What did you expect, that they are not bringing mobiles and are also making pamphlets and banners for spreading the message??? hahaha.....Please Dont Have High Hopes From us>:P)

Ok, leaving all this "cursing the present generation(  which i am also a part of)", I come to my daily life nuisance. ...I am frustrated in some parts, but my mother the pacifier is there to save me from drowning in the pool of tension....

No big difference as a "city person". Rather I am getting bored, lol...Hope there are some events waiting for me.:P
I CAN JUST HOPE. And I HOPE AGAIN, that they are not EVENTS like the ones which bug me in my "School."
Oh! Now that I have mentioned the word "Event"..I get reminded of a quote......

"Life need not be always eventful,
 Just it needs to have the correct events, at the correct time."

Awesome no? Do you know who quoted this?
The person...or should say "THAT" person

......who wrote a blog called " P Subbu's Mind crap."

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