Monday, August 15, 2011

Writing Resumed!!!

I had lost touch of writing blogs and was busy getting bored and sitting on FB literally wasting my time and making every second futile. My mother told me to gear up( I know its a shameful thing for a writer) but now I have got my writer's flair back....and will be up-to date.:)

Life has Not been silky smooth in Chennai. First I thought that I will adjust in a jiffy, but then I too found out that Oh yes yes~! I am a normal human being after all and share common human tendencies. Ugh, dont I miss Korba!! I find no big difference in city life and town life. Only 2 things, if you want to go out you have many choices in a city, not in a town. And yes, people are more trustworthy in a town.

Thank God I am not one of those vagabond-like teenagers who dont know what to do in life, aimless and goal-less. Chennai has given me a lot to dig out my talents to the core and lo and behold! I am a Student Reporter in a Newspaper and a appointee in the Editorial Committee of my school.

The biggest advantage I have got in my life is being a DIPSITE. Even though belonging to a small industrial coal field (i am proud about that.), I was lucky enough to get education in a prestigious institution like Delhi Public School, got lots of exposure, more than any other small town girl can get. I may not fit in the small town girl definition, because being a DIPSITE wont ever allow that. Thanks to my parents who made every end meet to make me a DIPSITE, and a very successful and a proud one.

As my aim is to be a journalist or a copywriter, I need to blog profusely. This is not the reason I am writing, I am writing because, lol, I can write. Just that till now I thought writing "What is in my mind" in Facebook works, but hell no it doesnt, thanks to periodic hearing from Judge Mom in the Court of Correct Conduct Of Life.

Today I am trying to make this Blog more public and trying not to confine it to 6 followers.:P

But still, I have to promote the Blog in Facebook. Oh! Mark Zuckerberg, cant hate Facebook fully aye?? :P


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