Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CV CV CV- Thou art a much much much much much hyped institution. What shalt thou write in your CV, CV? ( the first CV means curriculum vitae, btw.) Something like this- "Experienced in all types of hullabaloo, and has a variety of people, one out of every cast, race and religion can be found here. Very much good in creating chaos and brouhaha, still manages to win at culturals and be infamous and famous at the same time.

CV, is one heck of a school. Wait, I doubt my last word. IS it really a school?? No!!! It is a pig sty!!! Full of people, chaotic, and if you ask a random person about a teacher, he might as well question you "WHO IS SHE?"

OVERPOPULATION PEOPLE!!!! CV is an epitome, just in case you need it. Different races, and the word races- I want to tell something!! Just because I look North Indian, and talk Hindi, doesnt make me a SOUKI!!!!!!
SOUKI- this is one word CV added to my lexicon.

Life at Chettinad Vidyashram is B-O-R-I-N-G. I doubt whether its a school! 15000 children gathering at a gigantic building, just moving around aimlessly. Even though it is triumphant in many culturals and shit, it is certainly a lot of people, aimless and hopeless!!! Not all, but then, I had heard much more about this school, and I am gifted a zero.

Gah! 11th Humanities, where teachers hardly grace the class with their presence- is the hideout for most of the other Cvians who dont want to study at all. Ok, Even I dont go for stufying, but wait,!!!Some teachers say "we will do 1 page today?" seriously? I mean Thank you for doing so, but still, sometimes the most careless student is also interested in the class for studying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluntly, in simple words-This school is nothing in front of my previous school, which was an amazing amalgam of fun, study, activities and boredom.

Hope the approaching days raise the bar of this much hyped institution ~~ :P

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