Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are all peas of the same pod!

I walk into the school,
And I look around,
Faces talking to each other,
all murmuring,
making no sound.

I trot towards the class,
look left and right,
Some people playing with ink,
Some trying to do something with a tubelight.

I take a deep sigh. "SO JOBLESS."

I stand to take a deep breath,
this school is so huge,
Walking down the corridor,
You sweat like a pig,
This school is Oh so Big!

"Cant this be a little bit small???"

When I look towards the canteen,
There is such a big crowd,
I look at my watch,
And take a deep breath,
"So much hunger India is facing"
For a small bite of a "PUFF"
Everyone is so hungrily chasing.

When I enter my class,
I look at 10 people,
Some deeply into jeffrey Archer,
some listening to songs,
Some waving me a HI and dozing off,
Some gifting each other teddy bear looks,
Some moving around aimlessly,
Remembering all the answers to the current affairs of the world.


Some telling "The teacher's coming"
Which really doesnt matter to people.

Two people kissing without care,
I just look away,
covering the embarassment,
peep outside the class,
for some one to come for saving me
To witness all the ongoings.

Here comes a girl,
with her two ponies tight,
sits on the chair,
You expect her to say Hi.
"Do you think I should break up?"

I take a deep sigh.Again.

Here comes another,
scratching her head,
walking so purposively,
as if she is of utter importance.
Comes inside the class,
Says Hi to everyone,
hardly 3 reply.
And tell her to talk about the guy on Facebook.


Here comes another,
running to the class.
you may say very enthusiastic to be in the class.
Hehe! She comes inside the class!
Goes to a girl who wasnt really expecting her!
Gives her a big hug!!!
"Awee! Long time no seee!!!"
The girl pushes her back and says
" I think we just talked on BBM."
Sudden quiet.
Sad.I take a deep sigh again.

Here comes a boy,
dancing away,
One of the esteemed members of the teacher's cohors amircorum,
And a very unique personality.
He is a guy who in heart belongs to the past generation,
probably the effect of the grandparents who are his sole guardians.
This notion gets proved when he looks at the kissing couple
and says
"OH DEAR ALMIGHTY!! Give some intellect and sense to these kids of 21st century!!!"

Then comes a girl,
When I look at her,
I again take a sigh of "Relief" for a change,
She comes,
Gives a Hi5!!!
Sits beside me.

"Do you know what the guy in my flat did??"

"Oh I dont! You tell that! I will tell you about the Punjabi guy joke!! Hahaha"

Intellectual huh???

When the bell rings,
we all go to the canteen,
I take the money from a friend,
and give it to another friend,
"Buy me a puff....."
And then people start shedding out money
and piling onto that girl.

She happily walks to the canteen,
to Chase for the hunger,
we are facing.

Then the tubelight flickers,
MY friend takes a stick,
and do something to the Starter,
and we start playing with it,
enjoying the flicker.
people look at me
mostly telling themselves
"What has got into them?"

Then my friend comes in,
and says
"Oh my God! This pen isnt working!!!!!"
I try to shake it!
And the whole ink spills on her!!!
And then we start the INK GAME!!!

THe past generation guy looks at the INk and the Flicker games,
and before he could say anything,
I say
"YA YA!!! We are the bad kids of 21st century!!"

The guy laughs.

Then comes another friend,
From a different class,
I jump
and I give her a big hug, shouting, LONG TIME NO SEEE>

"The FBchat yesterday was amazing!!!"- she says.

And then we start talking about what we talked about the day before.

Then after the break,we get to know we have a free period
From the same guy who had told about the teacher's arrival.
This time everyone has listened properly.

Promptly my friend takes out her phone,
and tells me about her new playlist.

After the song session,
I go to the girl with jeffrey archer and
discuss Sidney Sheldon,
and then start a war of writers.

I go to the two pony girl
and tell her
"yes you should break up."
And discuss "her" life.

Then I go to the aimlessly walking guy,
Congratulate him,
because I get to know he has just won a LAPTOP worth 250000,
for his correct answers in a National quiz.
Not aimless, I think.

After the school,
I run along the corridor,
which seems not that huge,
to reach my bus,
so that I can catch up with my bus-friends.

And then i realise,
whatever had made me sigh,
I had ended up doing the same things too.

I realised,
we all are the same,
we do all the same things,
just in a different way.

And some of us,
dont like to accept the fact,
that what we despise,
we have turned up doing the same things in life too.

And ya-

The kissing couple are still kissing.
And now it is natural to see them.

I again take a deep sigh.

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