Sunday, September 18, 2011

A random poem-!! "Change"

“It can change when you blink your eye,
It can change when you just look back and then come back to front,
It can change when you retreat and then riposte,
It can change when you drop down and then you get up.
It can change in a jiffy,
It can change in a fraction of second.
It, is life.”

You wont know what is going to happen next,
You wont know who becomes your best friend in life,
You wont know who becomes you life partner,
Your companion throughout strife.

You never know the person you never knew a day before,
Would become your enemy of your life.

You never know,
When your place changes,
People change,
Views, opinions change.

You feel a sudden thud in the heart,
When you close your eyes to sink in the happenings,
Your heart starts throbbing abnormally,
When you realize you are not where you were a year before,
You are not there where people knew you are coming,
Through the sound of your step.
You are not in a place,
Where you know everything,
You are not there,
Where there were no unfamiliar faces.
You are in that place,
Of which you must have thought once in a lifetime
But never have had imagined to come true.

But that is what the beauty of it is.
You never know, where the dead end is.
Where is a new start?
Where is a new change?
Where is a new blow to come?
Where life is is going to slow down.

Its life, not a game of the ground.
Its hard. Very hard.
And we need to play it with care.
Enjoy its surprises,
Removing the sadness,
Enjoying its new gifts.
 Everything can’t be easy.
Even Humans have to lose somewhere.
But then they say
“If they are no losers,
How there can be winners??”

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