Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ajmal Kasab must be thinking " YE to mere se bhi bade wale nikle, kitna bomb hai inke paas" ( They are more dangerous than us, Yar! They are more destructive")

When I tell people that "I hate diwali" , I expect them to say, and they actually do say "Go to a psychiatrist." But I just hate it when Diwali Season is on, subtracting the shopping aspect of it, everything just simply sucks.

It was conventionally meant to be "Festival of Lights" not "Fesitval for Bombs." We all cry over how bombing killed 100 people, injured 76 people. We are not doing anything different. We are doing the same thing, but we are just saying we are religiously correct. Under the light of Diwali, what we do is burst crackers, spend money on it, and then, it all results in ash. What festivity! -_-.

If it were to be celebrated with Diyas, Candles, and with something new, then I would have not criticized it and rather would have been outside enjoying myself rather than writing this post.

To the people who are very religious, god fearing and dogmatic, here is a question for you, rather a doubt- Diwali is said to be the victory of good over evil. What good are we doing in Diwali? Bursting crackers, and spreading unnecessary pollution? Good for you, people. Not for people with sense and real beliefs.

People say -For one day everythings fine. But then, in one day we are doing so much bad! The whole country contributes to pollution. It is good for the doctors because patients with burns and ear problems end up in the hospital, bringing "Lakshmi" to Doctor's home! What is the meaning behind all this hullabaloo?

Why do we have to say "Have a safe Diwali." That means we all know we can end up doing something which may turn out to be destructive. If Ram and Sita, and the whole of Ayodhya would have been alive, KAIKEI would have said "Why the hell did I do the whole Vanvas thingy, how the world has changed its meaning and are causing atrocious destruction!"

Then, the crackers again. People, do you know who makes the crackers? Children. "What we can do about it, we just play with it.- they say.

:" If you cant understand the scientific disadvantage of ours ways of celebrating Diwali, open your emotional side, if you have one"- Is what I say
Stop playing with crackers, so that they all close the cracker factories.

I read this in the link, and it was horrendous-

"Most crackers are manufactured in the Sivakasi area in Tamil Nadu. The 
factories here employ children as young as three-and -a-half years old. 
Some surveys report even two-and-a-half year old tots being recruited 
for the job. A majority of the children employed in the fire-cracker 
factories are girls. The proportions of girls to boys is reportedly 3:1.
At any given time 45,000 to 60,000 children are employed in these 
factories. Parents of child-labourers employed in the fire-cracker 
factory are extremely poor and live in villages around the factory 
towns. The factory owners have agents stationed in the village to 
recruit children as labourers. It is common practice too give parents 
advances against work by their children. This not only helps the 
child-labour market to flourish, but also motivates parents to have more 
children, pushing them further into the depths of poverty and 
deprivation. It is unbelievable but true that such transactions take 
place even against babies in their mother's wombs! The children in a way 
are rendered bonded labourers even before they are born.
The factories send out buses to collect the labourers early in the 
morning. The agent sees to it that the children pile into these buses. 
They are woken up by 3 am and 5 am and are half asleep when they board 
the bus. They return at 6 or 7 p.m.
Most of these children have never known a school. They work in 
conditions that are hazardous to health. THey handle dangerous chemicals 
for a minimum of 12 hours a day. They work in poorly ventilated rooms. 
They have to sit in the same position for long hours. Putting a strain 
on their yet immature bone structure. Their eye sight and respiratory 
system suffer as a result of the below average conditions. They suffer 
from loss of appetite and consequent malnutrition and growth 
retardation. All the material used is explosive and inflammable. The 
fire safety measures are generally absent or very poor. This has caused 
serious fire accidents maiming and killing several children.
Since the payment is on piece rate, the children work longer hours 
without respite. They get between 6 to Rs.15 per day if they work for 12 
hours a day.
Their mental development is restricted. There is no opportunity for 
education, play, recreation, or a simple commodity such as parental love 
& attention. They return home tired and half asleep. The family 
atmosphere is rarely good with alcoholic fathers and mothers with poor 
health striving to make both ends meet.
It is we who create the market. The more we buy, the greater the number 
of children pushed into this industry."

This was really hard hitting. Now not only Diwali, we use crackers even in occasions like marriages, parties, political victories. In India, cracker has become synonymous to celebration. It is us, who are creating the whole market for crackers,, and hence its availibility is  must. Why? Will the world end without crackers? Without the dangerous sound of it?
 Are we planning to become terrorists?
THen, another thing. My neighbour has this cute dog, who barks all the night and doesnt let us sleep.But still, it is bearable. It is very natural they love him. But during Diwali, I didn't listen even a small whimper of the dog. Maybe he was hiding, to be safe from all the noise that his masters are creating. He must have been thinking "What has got into them?"

Seriously, what's gotten into us? Its just one example. Think about all those street animals! Why are we creating unnecessary noise and chaos? We can do without it. Diwali can be celebrated by having street plays on how Ram came out of vanvas! Short films can be played in the remote areas about the stories of Diwali! Most of the kids don't even know why they celebrate the goddamn occasion!

Celebrate it with a different theme every year.Once you can go to orphanage, tell them stories about Mahabharata, Ramayana. Celebrate with small get togethers, eat out, who is stopping you from that. Go to the small slums and give them sweets. SPEND MONEY ON THAT. Or watch movies, enjoy yourself!Why the wastage of time,money and natural resources? Why use a child's labour for our own festivity.

Spending 10,000/- on Crackers, made by kids, there is nO sense. Spending money to kill my pets, to burst my ears, to spread ash and hullabaloo, Not my thing.

Prerna Subramanian.:)


Fayaz said...

Cool.. The only Indian festival that I hate to the core...! Damn!
BTW keep it up subbu you have a way to go.
Let me know how to get in touch with you. have got some plans to discuss with you.


Anonymous said...

I think what u wrote is totally true. but can't the parents work instead?

Anonymous said...

I think what u wrote is totally true. but can't the parents work instead?