Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Here, I stand, on the zenith of the sky!
I wonder what human life is all about???
Commuting, working, screaming and shouting,
Do love and emotions have any whereabouts???

Here now, I stand,
At the point of nadir,
I watch the world above,
No one cares of what is being crushed under their feet,
A piece of paper or some trivial elements,
Or their own emotions and sentiments.

All eyes stuck on the technological advancements,
No one cares of the happenings around them.
Man has stopped living in the present,
And learning from the past.
Will human race ever long last???

I, the creator, of this world, am BROKEN!!!
To see my own children’s emotions and values dissipated.
I’ve reached such a point, I am eager for this crisis’s DOOMSDAY
So that, a new beginning kick-starts,
Where man has a real mind and a real heart,
Where his life has got a certain “meaning”,
And where he has thoughts other than success, money, power and winning.

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