Saturday, November 26, 2011

Of intention behind my blog, love for Ryan Reynolds and something about Gaddafi

When I think of the whole idea behind my blog, I usually end up with, heck- no answer. I didn't have an idea before writing the blog, I didn't have any intention- it was not meant to be a food blog ( I have a post on Risotto), it was not meant to be a social service blog( half of my posts are advice columns :P), it was not meant to be a social activism instilled blog ( there are many posts on pollution, destruction, women empowerment). It was meant to be, ____. There, like your teacher, even my mind gives me a blank, which can have ambiguous and largest possible answers. Then, when I look at the name of my blog, the word CRAP implores and says- "It was meant to be crap- no organisation, no intent, no bulwark, just words strung together to make meaning of the title you give to the post."

So when I constructed my blog( I feel like an architect here), I did not know I will reach a point, when I will feel the urge, to publicize it. First I had thought I wont even tell anyone I write a blog, but when a random visitor of blogger liked my first post, I had the whole ambition charged in me, and there began my journey of blogging, and then publicizing in Facebook. And I am thankful to those DIPSITES, CVIANS and also the random Facebookers and BLogger users, who have liked my BLog page, even though it shows how narcissistic and conceited I am about myself and my blog.

But then, publicizing and writing- it becomes a hard ride! You know 1000 people are going to read it ( no, my blog is not read by THAT many, i WONDER if 10 people read it or not), and you need to write everything in limits. But then, that is why I chose the name "CRAP"- to tell people in the first place itself- DO NOT EXPECT ME TO WRITE INTELLECTUAL STUFF, BOUND BY RESTRICTIONS AND Well, BOUNDARIES>:P."

That is why,when I write, I write what I have done in past few days. People say, then write a personal diary itself! ( I do not have one, and don't plan to have one either). But that is a problem with me- nothing is personal in my life. It is an open book, everyone can have a look ( there speaketh my poetry soul)

But that does not mean I don't have secrets- I do have- and I do not write them here. I do not write them at all!!! Who will write a secret and then get tensed about someone will read it or reveal it to the world!!! Beign secretive is just not my thing! I and my blog, are often criticized to be over-mature, over- frank, over-that, over-this. Some people say, that I write what people want to hear, I write what my parents will like to see, and would not complain about it, I write what will be acceptable in society. NO! What I write, is straightforward- I don't check and re check my post. Whatever comes in my mind, I just vomit that. I don't care to be politically correct, and morally right. I DO NOT CARE THAT MY FACEBOOK COMMENT BLOG PLUGIN REQUIRES A HREF PARAMETER ( I do not even know what that means!!! )-

My blog defines what I am- i.e- wrong most of the time, but not all the time.:P 

LONG STORY SHORT- Prerna's blog- SYNONYM- her heart.:) <3

Ok till now, you must have felt why the hell am I justifying- it is because this is where I can do that. This is my own haven, where my words are not bound by restrictions. I am free to write about my crush, my louwe, my kolaveris, my black heart here. I can write about what I think of GADDAFI, and people wont stop me and tell "No, dont say this. It will create problems."

So today, I wanted to share one photo and a poem with all of you- it took 2 hours to make the thing in the photo, and hour and a half to research and write for the poem (YES I ACTUALLY COUNTED THE TIME, DON'T GIVE WEIRD LOOKS ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN DOUBTING ON MY APPROXIMATION OF TIME) =>

I know, people who know me very well- will scream out of horror and say "WHEN DID I BECOME SO CORNY?"

No, I am not being corny! I know, that in this life time, I would never possibly meet Ryan Reynolds, the guy who won my heart after Definitely Maybe, The Proposal and Fireflies in the Garden- and that is why this is my way to be an honest fan of his!!! :)

And as I had mentioned the name "GADDAFI" before, I created this poem, DEDICATED TO GADDAFI. People may think I have gone nuts- but I actually like him after I went through google and wikipedia, and learnt quite a lot about him.

Unsung hero he was
Protests shall follow if I say so.
The world sang about
How cruel he was,
How dictating he was.
Though he had done many wrongs,
How can one tag words to people just like that?
He was blamed,
For looting his own country,
Worsened the life of his countrymen.
People killed him,
His own people.
He saw people raising his voice against him.
Calling him the modern Hitler.
He made a country, with no electricity bill,
No interest on loans.
He took a vow,
That he won’t get a home,
Until everyone in his country had one.
He lived in a tent,
Helped the newlyweds,
Gave the farmers everything for free-
Is he same like Hitler?
With education free,
Medical facility free,
With cars of subsidized rate,
 Money to the unemployed,
Portion of the oil sale-
Credited to the citizen’s bank.
He encouraged people to learn,
study, and-
He encouraged them to LIVE LIFE.
Still he is HITLER?
The man,
Who carved out the world’s largest irrigation project,
To remove thirst in his country-
Who wanted his people to live life with joy,
But some of his mistakes,
Overshadowed his good.
Why humans don’t see both sides of the coin?
Why do they forget that a man is not wrong?
His deeds are.
And no one is born bad.
Even Gadaffi was not.
Though he did much wrong,
Do not tag him as a hard core dictator.
He is No Hitler.

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