Friday, November 18, 2011


Life is never the way YOU want it to be. So unfair right? But then, all is fair in love and war, and Life is- yes. There is where I stop. What the hell is life? Why are we born? Just to spend 24 hours a day, sleep,eat, fight, talk, gossip, study, earn, watch TV, tweet, FB, wall post et al? What is our purpose???

Purpose, the word has so many misinterpretations. Actually we do not have a purpose in life. We are just passive beings, who persist, resist, start, end things. Purpose changes as time changes. We cant have one purpose in life. We were not born with a purpose when our umbilical cord was cut off from our mothers and we went on to become separate humans. We are not purposeful, we make,mend,amend,discard purposes.

Too much Purpose I know. But I feel like writing philosophy, so bear it.
Taken from it is so cool>:P

If people are asked their purpose in life, they either have a concrete answer ( I don't know how), or they make a dumb face and say "I really do not know." Yeah, I am the latter.

Purpose changes as we step on different age. My purpose of life at age 5 was to get chocolates and an A+ if i did 2+2=4 and found that between A and C comes B. At age of 10, my purpose was to emulate Hannah Montana ( I don't know why in the world) and make my first email id. At age 16, I am lost. I have so many things which want me to live, breath, act and articulate my life to a unified whole.

People lose their purpose sometimes. I go to school for studying( 10 percent yes i do), and for gosipp ( do the math..100-10). But I try not to lose my purpose. I know where are my limitations, where I have prohibitions, I don't cross it. I get the adrenaline rush ( oye, its natural), to do something bad, but I don't.

Call me a "safe-player"- but I just don't like living on the edge, getting awarded with bad names, and blanket it with saying "Ha, we will look back at those days and laugh". I wont, if I were those people who have lost their purpose, and end up doing things which they oughtn't.

Call me a very over-mature person for the age  I am. "This is the age to get distracted." Who told you? Science? Chuck Science( ah here comes the Arts student feeling). Parents? COUSINS? YOUR BLOODY TEENAGE HEART? Age and hormones distract you? Yes, there are imbalances, but then it doesn't make our body,mind and soul involuntary. We don't lose control on ourselves. Do we? We all are mature, we mature since we are 1, just that the rate is decided by us.

If we want to love, let us Love. Love our guts out, but then who don't understand their limitations, take a placard and stick it on your head that I AM JUST 16/17/18/19 ( ok 20 you dont have to.:P)

If you do all the things at the wrong age, in a hurry, in a haste, all the things in your life will come before time...way before they have to come. You should not drink alcohol at 16, you do. You should not do sheesha, do the  "Thing" and become infamous. You so damn do. You should not initiate seriousness for any relationship, which is quite risky at a small age, because our minds waver ( if you are really serious and your mind doesnt waver, you are GOD> My mind wavered as soon as I Saw Curtis Stone and I gave upon my so called crush. Look at him, you will forget everything girls. For boys- You have many choices.)

You should not disrespect your parents ( DONT, if you are doing so. Liking Facebook pages of "I LOVE MY MOM" wont do. Do it rather than facebooking it.")  If you do all these things in the wrong age, you will die in the wrong age too, as YOUR PURPOSE OF LIFE HAS FINISHED. WHy?
OH REALLY? What is her favourite colour?

When college days will come, and Love will take a new direction, you wont be able to have the same verve and fun in it. WHy? Cuz you are the "Been there..done that.."person= You have already "Experienced" holding hands, looking into each others eyes, understanding without talking and other cheesy things- and are bored of it.

Think of those happy beings who are experiencing it afresh.

When you go to a party, and are offered legal booze. It is in the happiness of your success in a job. You don't find the same fun in it, because you are "been there done that"- you have already drunk it quite a lot to enjoy it, and have been opposed so many times that the FUN has gone.

Think of those in their twenties, who are drinking it and are not being opposed also!!

There are many examples, but they all end up saying- " DO THINGS IN THE RIGHT AGE. HASTE, HURRY, it will end up all the fun in your life."

Life is like a book of various chapters. When you turn to Chapter 1, you don't turn to Chapter 5 and understand what is going to happen in between Chapter 2, 3 and 4. You shift through all the pages. Life is just like that. We need to turn all the pages, need to construct our stories at the right time with right characters- and with a perfect ending.

Think of those people who read the Reviews with the story of the book before they buy it, or the ones who have this CRAZY habit to read the first and the last chapter! They already have an idea of the story. When they read it, they feel like "Oh, I knew it, its so boring."


So, don't label your life at wrong times people! I am just 16, I know, I should not be boasting my philosophy skills. But I am trying to help those who are jumping too fast in life. One word-