Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adieu to 2011

So yeah, I am doing nothing different but writing a "bye bye 2011" note. This year, unlike other years, was different because I shifted from Korba, Chhattisgarh to Chennai,Tamil Nadu. And man, this has brought so many changes in my life. But i know you are not interested in my life, but still you have to bear my grievances.

I have made some important BULLET points, so that I wont repeat them in 2012 ( It is not a New Year Resolution, because these are somethings which I WILL   WILL LIKE TO ACTUALLY FOLLOW)

Here it goes. * huge sigh *

1. When happy, keep it to yourself and be MODEST- This year, whenever I achieved something, I saw that people tend to hate you more when you talk about it and be happy about it publicly. So when I will HOPEFULLY achieve something, I will shut my mouth, and remember that this is not a small town like Korba but a metro city, and people respect you when you stand on the ground with modesty and not rejoice in your achievements.

2. When you are sad, keep it to yourself, BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A DAMN!! -when I was in my old school and old place, people knew me since I took my first breath. So whenever I was sad, people used to palpitate and somehow, help me out of the problem. Now when I am a member of the BIG BAD WORLD, I have learnt my lesson. When you are sad, crying, or are agonized, people will suspect YOU to be wrong first, and then calculate the issue. They will say "What did you do?" So for the sake of not listening to those pricking words, its better to shut it and MOVE ON.

3. When you want to help a person, THINK TWICE.
 I was walking towards home, coming out from a shopping mall, I met this lady in tattered clothes with a small kid who was suffering from some problem. She asked me for money, I gave her, with feelings of SYMPATHY reaching the highest precipice, 20 rupees. When she took that crisp note in her hand, emerged some 5 bundles of notes from another side of her blouse, where my 20 rupees just became "yet another flower in the bush."
When I try to console a person, or want to help them or share a book or some rare knowledge them, I have to be ready to listen to these things- ( I havent till now, but I have seen people getting GOOD from others. OK Honesty time- Some of these lines have been suffered by me too -_-)

1. "F***k off. I dont have time for this.
2. Can you keep your sympathy to yourself?
3. I dont need sympathy. I can solve this myself.
4. You dont have to console, I know what I am doing.
5. F OFFFFFFFFF!!!!!! I dont care about the KEPLER 20 or the SUPER EARTH! My boyfriend dumped me!!!!
6. As if you know what has happened! So shut up. By the way, do you have 6o bucks, I will go eat in French Loaf.

4. When you like a person, DON'T LIKE TOO MUCH.
I wont give an explanation to this. Just one thing, no one is best, and no one is best enough to be liked so much that once they bail out on you, you will be left hopeless. So, I learnt that -keep LOVE TEMPORARY.

5. When you are angry, keep it to yourself,and be like this all the time -------------------------------------->
 Because when I got angry with a person in my neighbourhood, and shouted at him in my broken Tamil just because he didnt take good care of his dog ( which cried all night long for food, and kept making irritating noise with a vessel, the only object which cared for him)- I came to know the owner is this member of Karunanidhi's party. Still, I didnt care, I kept threatening him about taking his dog to Blue Cross, I was suppressed like a spring and sent home by my maid servant ( yeah, MAID SERVANT), by being said "This is India. You don't have the freedom of speech, until and unless you are the right hand of some big politician big shot. So I will have to adopt plasticity in my life, giving my frankness a break. BIG break and keeping it in my mind that I am an Indian, that too an INDIAN Middle class person, and my say does not matter.

But then, I promise myself- that I wont change as a person. When the time, place, person and situation is right, I will get angry, sad, happy and will also tend to like a person with all my heart and soul- and if some mistakes happen, I will clear 'em up in 2013. And yes, even though I am an Indian, I will tend to break rules which do good.

Because the Dog stopped crying since I shouted at the guy.

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A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm no Sigmund Freud, but I do know that suppressing your emotions is pretty bad for you in the long run. Unless of course, you have homicidal tendencies. Which is one I'd probably try to keep to myself:)