Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ah! The status laughs at me, the date impinges into my heart- and I curse myself.

Reminiscence can be one darn dangerous thing I say. On one side it brings all the happy and lucky days, on the other hand it brings all the brouhaha you have been through and the idiocy you have done before. 

Sigmund Freud must have said that we often tend to repress thoughts which ruined our "life" some ages ago, but then, they still sit in our unconscious- not ready to be retrieved. But dude, times have changed. There are some technologies which poke your shoulder incessantly, and irritatingly make us think of THE INGLORIOUS PAST.

One such thing is a Facebook Application called Archivedbook. This application retrieves all the posts, statuses, wall posts, and all the crap you have done in Facebook since you joined in. Long story short, it tells you what YOU WERE, and what YOU REALLY ARE.

First of all, I cant really hate this application because it really made me realise how much I have EVOLVED as a person. 

Talking about evolving, in 3 years qualified as a Facebook USER, I am ready to hi five Darwin on his theories of evolution. I mean, I am surviving in this world with couple of amazing friends due to his theories. People have changed me, and I have changed people too. And this application told me the speed and amount of change ( Scientific words really increase the weight of the sentence, eh?)

Now the question is HOW. When I opened this application ( in 10 minutes it made me bang my head 25 times out of shame and embarrassment) I thought I will see all my OLD statuses, and drown into nostalgia and enjoy the essence of it. 

 World has developed so much, you can actually see what you wrote at the same time some 3 years ago- when you were in a different place with a different atmosphere. I was praising the application as if Romeo praising Juliet, and lo-behold, it flashes my reality.

The first thing I saw, was that till now I have written some 777 statuses till now, starting from June 19.2009.

First Status-
Jhingalalahoo hoo.

I actually used a very strong cuss word after I read this. Jhingalalahooo, seriously"?????? This made me think HOW JOBLESS I was, and how idiotic I was, and HOW THOUGHTLESS I was about FB, just joined it for proudly saying "Hey kid, buzz me on FB."- and walk past as if I am being paid for being a FB user. -_-

"Life is so horrible right now."

Just after an hour.
"Life is just great."

Okay, Now I came to know how self contradictory I can be in MATTER OF 1 hour. -_-. Serious issue my friend, this really appalled me. Or rather I was doing this to fetch comments and likes, ah, WANNABE'ISH'. My god, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

And then some other status nudged me and said "Your english sucked big time then."Not that it is quintessential now, but I had actually typed this-


??????????? The meaning of the status is so damn true, but the ENGLISH IS NOT. My god, I deleted this status right away, fearing that my English teacher ( yes, that too on Facebook) will see it and.. leave! Spare me the horror. And!!!! the laudable thing is, 10 people actually liked it. -_-. My gaad.

I always say twitter is such a piece of crap and a waste of time, why should we know when aishwarya's girl is going to get her poop training and when did Amitabh Bachchan got his Rolex Watch repaired?? But one "ARCHIVED STATUS" slapped me right on the face-

when i close a book..i feel relieved..and when i watch tv after doing so..i feel like i hav done a crime..i shud not see tv..so i again read the book...i mean study...but thn i feel like crap...cuz evrythng is known to me and there is no need to read or study furthermore..but then...when i switch on the computer..the seat pinches me to go to the book do u ppl suffer the same???

I dont think I need to comment after this. THE IRRITATINGLY REDUNDANT STATUS SAYS IT ALL

But then I saw, from April 24th, 2010 to August 24,2010- I had actually CHANGED as a person. And it reminded me of my achievements then- my first salary, completion of 30 poems, and many other things, the other things which really made me a stronger person.

I actually wrote this-
"Live life, your size. Become kings and queens later."

After a long time, this application made me wear a smile.

Facebook had become a place where my alter ego dominated. It is because I know, I never wrote truth about myself there. I just wrote for the sake of filling in people's NEWS FEED and maybe most of you do the same too, or did. I used to write quotes or made some instant poems, just to get likes and comments. I was also one of those stupid people, who put status updates like " If you think I am good bad and ugly, comment, like or leave.( I know right, don't worry, I ACTUALLY DESPISE THIS HABIT NOW AND I HAVE CHANGED. DONT DOUBT.")

 This made me feel so foolish, it actually hurt I had wasted time on Zuckerberg's brainchild. But then, Now I think it is actually good. It made me realise how I have eschewed from idiocy- the status updates being the best souvenirs of the best days of my life. And Thank God, after the incessant scoldings from parents, I have learned the uselessness and usefulness of Facebook. 

I know, till now it feels like I am advertising this application. But no, I was actually sharing a funny experience. Try it, maybe you would come to know your inglorious past too! :P


THE BEST THING WHICH I DISCOVERED. I started writing less statuses, and if I wrote I actually wrote intelligent stuff, from August 29,2010. It made Facebook more intelligible.

Why? My mom joined Facebook then. ;)
(there is actually a site called myparentsjoinedfacebook.com)


PRerna S manian status-
""I gave upon love cuz it gave upon me". 

My mother liked it. And she commented "Haan beta."

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