Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Facebook Spamosers ( Spam + Losers)

Ah! A nice cup of coffee, a fresh mind with no tension or agony, and I log into my computer for poking my head into the lives of my friends and their feuds and tensions ( in layman terms- Facebook) and there, coffee suddenly becomes bitter and the mixture of coffee,chicory,milk and sugar splashes onto my LCD screen
( in simple words- I spit on the screen), right across my profile picture, making me rush to the kitchen, get a cloth and clean it as soon as possible, but before that, I close my facebook profile, because that will ensue more scoldings from my mother.

No, no one wall posted me "Hey babe!" or "You bloody beeyotch" or something which I face ( right on my face) in my day to day life, but I have yet again, become the victim of a video which shows a
1. AGirl's assets.
2. A Girl's more assets.
3. A girl's humongous pimple.
4. More assets, obviously- girls' assets.

Now how did I see it?? I was happy that friends love me enough to give me 15 notifications in a matter of 2 hours ( in other words, Jobless people.)- and most of them being "XYZ shared a link" with you. I think, Okay, somebody wants to share some song, knowledge or goofs/trivia/spoof with me- and I click the notification ( NOTE: ONLY THE NOTIFICATION) and Kaboom! There!

Hey! Prerna S Manian! You need to see this! I bet you cant see it for a second!
And then there is a heavyweight picturisation of a girls genitals. What the hell?

I go to my friend google, who possibly has the answer for this problem ( if it can have the answer to the problem of "how to detangle hair from a hairbrush, this is no biggy).

I typed "How does video spam in Facebook propagate?"

Hmm. Takes 0.2 second to unleash my friend's pervert side.

( But before that, it sometimes happens that the video landing on your wall can itself propagate to other's wall, if it was from a like page. But acc. to google it is a rarity, but still a possibility.)


Google result-
"If you get a video showing some very ( Very, very to the power of infinity) pervert or "erotica"- then Dont bloody click it ( no, that was not the way it was quoted there). iF you click it ( ofcourse, to  see What is there in the video, because it doesnt take a long time for a human to urge for some perversion, and when a "friend" has sent it, then it means that it is an entrusted source of entertainment.) then it BLOODY gets linked to all your friend's wall, disgracing your name and garbage-fying ( I know its not a word, but that is not the ISSUE here) your friend's wall.

And when your "best friend" or the friend whom you considered a saint, linked you this, you probably came to know the reality behind their sanctity.

What do you think this will get you, pervert idiot?

It will give this message to your friends.

1. That you dont think at all.
2. You dont have right to sit on the internet.
3. You are a bloody spammer.
4. And are an idiot.

So stop being idiots, control your "wild side" and dont click on the link. If you are that "impatient and curious", use the internet badly SOMEWHERE ELSE, not in a BLOODY SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE!

If you are also a victim, ( VICTIM AS in, not the "victim" who "CLICKED" the link out of sheer curiosity and spammed their friend's profile, but as in the ones who GOT THE SPAM ON THEIR WALLS.)

* gives a sympathetic look *- I know friend, how it feels. My heart goes out for you. Lets cry together and curse the big bad world.

If you are the pervert donkey,

* gives a sympathetic look*- Dude, my friend, I know it is a human tendency to get curious. So take your shit somewhere else and do not EVER, EVER try to spam me.

P.S: And if it was accidental, * gives a sarcastic look*- I know I know, you are a puppy. YOu didnt do anything.


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