Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Madrasan speaks about -Open Letter to a Delhi Boy!

No. This is actually not an ANGRY REPLY TO who made Punjabi or Delhi boys look bad, too bad, and then her post got viral because either some people supported her, or thrashed her into pieces.
 Her virus has infected me too. And here I AM, pressing the buttons of my laptop so badly, they could actually cry.
 Yes I know it has become an old story. But then this virus has infected me NOW, and the disease has to be communicated.
Yes I know all this happened between Sep 2011 to Dec 2011- and I was NOT SLEEPING. it is just that I get involved in other wasteful stuff.  
I am not doing this to gain views on my blog! It is just a simple reply to the "viral" Letter to a Delhi boy- Thanks to Shahana Joshi ( Shahana "Nair" Joshi) and her black humour- I got something to write.

I respect this woman, because I have been blogging since 2 years, and her blog was the first one which really shook me hard. And hence- this post.


Dear individual from any of the 28 states and 7 union territories of India, (or the people whom I linked this blogpost, the only readers of my blog),

First, I really was surprised to know that there was a "blogpost" which went viral in India.
First reaction- WHAAAT? people READ BLOGS???? In INDIA? You kiddin me??
Second reaction- ( A question)- IS it about a porn? or Facebook? or Anna hazare?

 But then when I came to know that is it about the oh-so-old North Indian-South Indian Fight( not really, but then it indirectly became! You cant really eschew from this by saying it was only "a girl's bitching about a delhi boy which accidentally went viral") I sported a blank face and said "It had to be viral." When I came to know that it went viral throughout the world, and not only India- it was again natural to me- people around the world would obviously like to find LOOPHOLES in the cultural heritage, secularism we boast of; so that they can get back at us when we say "we are highly united in diversity". They will retort "Oh really? What about that letter and reply and shit of the delhi boy by that madrasan?....."

Hmm. I actually was perspiring when I read her post. Whoo! What a frustration-upchuck! But then, I would  like to tell many things, highlight many facts, and underline many truths.

First, I start my introducing myself. I am a PAKKA IYER TAMIL BRAHMIN, who cant live without CURD RICE- with the title "Subramanian" proving it easily. But, my family has a really weird geography, history.

I am a Tamilian, but I was born in Korba, Chhattisgarh- thanks to my dad's job in the "power city of India."

( Here I underline a fact- Korba is the hub of NTPC, BALCO, SECL. It is a place in Central India where Russians once resided and made it a "place" out of a forest.  Yes, it is the place where the great Balco Chimney fell and many people died.

People in India do not know that Chhattisgarh exists. It maybe because- it is sandwiched between the North and the South- who are too busy in their own cold wars (or say, blog wars) to differentiate between "Chandigarh" and "Chhattisgarh.", and are prone to forget the fact that Chhattisgarh was differentiated from MAdhya Pradesh in 2000. NO. I AM NOT TRYING TO RAISE ANOTHER SECULAR WAR HERE. I just want to say one thing to the much, much developed North and South India- Stop fighting, and try to nurture the less-developed regions of India by using your resources.)

My mother and her brother are south Indians from bengal, my maternal grandfather is a south Indian from Benaras.

(Here I highlight a point- 
So I have all the required resources from different parts of India so that I can make rightfully comments on them. My mother is proud to say that she knows how to WRITE BENGALI, speak bengali, and takes pride in the fact that Bengali has been given the tag of being the SWEETEST language in the world. But, is she a bengali? no.  But can she write Tamil or read it? No. But-
She is someone who likes to listen to "Aigari Nandhini" in the morning, loves watching Kachheris and Arangetram but also religiously listens to Rabindra Sangeet and Mahalaya, and loves Khichudi and Durga Poojas.
My maternal grandfather takes pride that he was a student from Banaras Hindu University, and worked in a cotton mill in Bengal. He takes pride that his daughter and son are students of Arts and Commerce respectively- and did not take the road always taken- IIT.
NO. I am not trying to prove "GreatnesS" of my family. I am just citing examples from my life to UNDERLINE A POINT-
When you are an Indian, you need to know that you will suffer cultural shock much more frequently than in any part of the world. But then again, when we term it as "cultural shock"- we are wrong. Why dont we call it "cultural surprise!"- we need to be proud that we have people in our nation who are stereotyped as IITians (South Indians) and also those Indians who meet the hunger needs of half of India ( North India).

I have 2 best friends- both are Punjabis. and are Boys.
I am not going to stereotype here. But I will share an experience, which may actually make you think again.
I am fat, I am bespectacled and I was named "geeky nerd"- by a friend called "**** Krishnan.- yes A SOUTH INDIAN. She thought all South indians, except her- are nerds.
But one of my Punjabi friend, befriended me, and used to make me laugh with his Santa-Banta jokes- teaching me how to laugh and be happy!
The other guy became my friend because he liked dosa, Chatnee, Idly more than Makki Ki roti, Sarson da saag. 
Both the friends liked my mother's food, specially if it contained Idli or Dosa.
 They made me love their mother's food, which was Aaloo Ke paranthe, Mooli ke paranthe, gobhi ke paranthe- basically- Paranthe.

I can understand Punjabi better than Tamil sometimes. But then both of my friends have learnt how to pronounce "Mundakanni amman Koil street."- Yes they make fun of it. But both of them love Rajnikanth, worship Aishwarya Rai, and drool over Asin.

Yes I know there is a thing called exception. But then, you cant take this as an excuse! If you do, then I will readily take the viral blogpost as an excuse to blanket personal rejections and enemity!
 But then some personal things which actually spread goodwill, good thoughts around the world, then it is nothing wrong. With a country already facing so many problems, which is fed up of problems like corruption, inter-racial, inter-regional problems should be replaced by trans-national, trans-regional thoughts.

When Kolaveri came, I think God himself was fed up of this trouble. Because the whole of India loved it- forgetting regional thoughts and beliefs!

You know who wall posted me about the song? A JATT from Delhi. he said
"OMG DHANUSH ROCKS!!! Kolaveri changa haiga! Sunno ek waar ! Mai ki dassa??? Ye gaana he proove kar dittan ki ye super haiga ji!"
(Kolaveri is so good! Listen once! what should I say? This song itself proves it is so awesome!)

I am not an IITian aspirant, I am an Arts student, and I wanted to go to Delhi University. But then, I love my life- and I wont run away from the fact that Delhi is unsafe for girls, and at the same time Chennai was ranked as the safest city in the world. But that doesnt make North Indians bad, and South Indians cool!

I have come to Chennai, (my family's city) now, thanks to the underdeveloped education system in Central India. But then I was surprised and aghast, because-
a. My SOUTH INDIAN friends still deny the fact that I am a South Indian, and I joke when I say I am so.
Their Reason-  I am fair, I have amazing hair cut, I speak flawless Hindi, and my name is a Sanskrit word and not a Tamil word, especially not a Goddess's name.
b. They call me "dei Punjabi!"- just because I "look" like one.
c. Some call me "Sony TV" because I dont watch Vijay TV or Sun Tv.
d. Some used to call me "Sowki", because they used to think I am a "Marwari" from "Sowcarpet"- a place in Chennai were Marawaris reside.  But when they came to know I live in Amman Koil street in Mylapore, they finally shut.

But then, here in Madras- the "sowkis"
a. Know more Tamil than  me.
b. have More "South Indian" friends.
c. They love Chennai more than Delhi.

In sociology, when we read that South India has a higher sex ratio than North India, female infanticide is more in North India-  we cant really tag every guy in North India as a sexist. My friends are chivalrous! if you are saying that I am very lucky to have North Indian friends who are so, you are wrong!  There are old school thoughts in South India too! But our tendency to highlight a redundant fact again and again has made us neglect many! People forget the fact that Tamil nadu's Salem district is also one of the MAJOR places named in the list of Sex selective abortions!

Okay, too much of demography and knowledge. I really dont want to piss anyone off here. I am not proving points, I am just writing them.Even if I myself suffer some problem with a North Indian, or become a problem to a North Indian, I will not "Generalise". I will not forget that Chetan Bhagat married a south Indian, Hema malini married a Punjabi (Dharmendra), Sridevi married Boney "Kapoor",Superstar Surya married a Punjabi, my tamil friend recently visited her cousin's marriage, who married a Punjabi, would not forget that I love to listen "amplifier" by Imran Khan and at the same time I have "Po nee po" in my playlist. I will not forget that somehow, we Indians are amalgams of every part of India. Either we are born into varied families, either we study somewhere else, in a different state to enculturate ourselves.

When the whole world respects India for its diversity and screams about its regional heritage, why do we always act foolishly to prove them wrong, when they can be actually right?

Think about it.

Chattisgarh la paida huyi punjabi  ke ladkon, gaano aur khane ki fan mumbai ko pasand karne wali gujarat ke dandio se khelne wali angrezi gaane sunne wali bengali films dekhne wali Madrasan-

( In short- Indian.)

P.S: My friend **** krishnamurthy just messaged me
 "dude!!!!!!! Kalol kar di, that Punjabi version of Kolaveri is so cool~Found it better than the real song!!!!!"

Ha. There. Signed sealed and Proved.


geetaz said...

superb da....khub valo hoyeche po...

Anonymous said...

This is P. Sub at her best! Osum gal! :D
I wish i cud write my views too...i m so eager...oh hw i cudnt! U see, I AM an IIT aspirant too! ;)
im glad u dint take it tho, really, wteva u do...u do so gud! Ur family nd frndz nd a lot many im unaware of support u...jst keep it up...i knw im gonna read u every week once atleast wid d morn tea (if i ever drank tea!) ...nt jst in d even e-paper...!!! :D :)
P.S. I liked d letter to a delhi boy...original one (yea i dint read dat totally cut off...nd running short of tym as well!)...though i dint like her views...i liked her attitude...d so mentioned 'south indian gals' attitude...ohh we col dat wittiness a sign of being 'educated'...i wud col her 'miseducated'...nd if itz humor (whc is hw i likd it!)...c'mon...i dnt think ny guy is less humorous..not me..!! Plus i knw a few dozen South gals who will prove her sooo wrong...nd me...being from a family dat has lived more dan its two generations in d heart of india...some of 'em in north india too...i dnt feel like being a south indian too...(yea i got d wit though...loll!! :D)...
...d blogger forgot dat ol north indian guys aint dat being in delhi ryt nw...i m not ashamed of colin myself a 'dilliwala' too...i've lived wid 'em nd really...dilli walon ka dil bahut badda d ones who wud b able to read dat blog specially aint dat kind i bet...!! Loll..!! :P no use givin away her frustations...i cud count a thousand thngz whc frustrate me abt typical south indians too...who sumtyms r a li'l mean ( im sayin dis...even after meetin a thousand sweetest bosoms on earth who live in vishakhapatnam..!! :P) i luvv ' onez perfect...u knw...!!
Nd u cant blame every north indian jst cuz u had had some bitter experience wid some...!!!
...strange...hw im defending north india...i luvv ol of it actually...xcept d lakshadweep...i hardly knw a thng abt it..!!
Excuse a few blunders...though...nt being in touch wid d language for almost a year has its consequences...quite effectively showing up nw..!!! :D

Sourabh Dhavala- IIT Aspirant. A Dilli Boy.

Anonymous said...

Prerna- You are classic! \m/
Sarcasm+ Bitter Truth+ Thin layer of sugar coating- YOUR BLOGPOSTS!


Deepika !

Anonymous said...

This is some really good slap on the idiot's face! Very great!

deVa said...

Hi Prerna,

I really wish what you called your own post - 'the mind crap' be at least food for thought to those millions who fight over the diversities we are so endowed with. A very nice attempt p. Subbu :)
I came through Indiblogger and I was reading your post so that I can give you a review. But once I read this, I could not just close it without leaving a comment. So here I am. Write more. And yeah, check my review on your Indiblogger thread.

I live in Patna. I am actually from your neighbouring state, the one where they speak malayalam.

Krishna said...

First of all let me stress this very clearly , its doesn't matter if you are a North Indian or South Indian , the main thing which really matters is the place of your birth and how exactly you have grown up.
I totally agree , Unity in Diversity , you should really see that when you are out of the country , where you see most of them have friends whio they have never even know of or heard their language be best of friends.
Second point , this is totally related to Language , the biggest problem where almost every Northie will automatically assume is every Indian SHOULD know HINDI, which I totally disagree with !I can go on and on , but I digress
Bottom line , these discussions are also part and parcel of our culture , any country , any culture have that , even is US , they make fun of people in the South and South has a snarky attitude towards North , it all depends on how we use to make ourselves better !

Prerna Subramanian said...

You are totally right!!! This is what I wanted to prove- language, region, ethnicity, whatever- it doesnt matter! We are Indians! We are one!

Sam's playground said...

oho!!! couldn't finish reading the post the moment I read "Korba". Me Korba, you Korba. Hello ji! Balco and DPS to be precise :) So hello! now i'l go back to reading the rest of the post ;)

BluemanfromBangalore said...

I stopped right when you associated that brutally aghast english mentality pseudo-modernistic bullshit kolaveri with south India. We don't speak englis in home neither we consider speakers are progressive. How lame you are? Feel sorry for you.

From B'lore

BluemanfromBangalore said...

nice to supress any opposing thoughts in comments and publish only ones which side you. is this also the 'sony tv' girl's character? My blog has many opposing comments ..

A madarasan...

Prerna Subramanian said...

Hhaha! You are so funny. Did Blogger inform you that I saw your comment and deleted it right away?? -_-. I saw it right now, with this "lame" comment of yours. And I "published" both of them. Good for you, if your blog has opposing comments. And "Blue man" suggests you are a male. So you cant be a "madrasan", if you were adressing yourself by saying "A madrasan...". And I never associated South India with Kolaveri, I said it unknowingly became a trans national phenomenon, even though it doesnt make sense as a separate song- neither has anything good. But still, face it- it is a phenomenon. Plus, I think I always stressed the fact that I am not generalising, but am giving a different aspect to the open letter. Guess you should read the whole thing rather than stopping "somewhere in the middle because you thought I am lame" and make a comment. Still, I appreciate my critics. They make me better. ;)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Hahaha! 98 batch, that is a weee too old for me!! :) But then we may have some teachers who are common! Hello ji !!! So when you went back reading the post, was it good enough? haha! Thanks!

ravindra rajput said...

superb !!! simply superb...
I feel proud of unity in diversity and especially when foreigners praise us for this unique prospect of ours....Lets keep our heads high

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thank you Ravindra!!!! :) Yes, we are great!