Saturday, January 14, 2012

What we only need is Love, pyar, prema, bhaalo bhaasha, kaadal.!

Well, people in love at the age of 17 will deny their love ain't PUPPY or CALF love, but then ( not generalizing, maybe it is NOT so in reality too) when they will find themselves with someone else after 10 years, they will realize it actually was just "puppy passive so called love".

I have had my share of friends who are enjoying, have enjoyed or are soon going to enjoy the "magic" of love at the budding age of 17. ( I sound like i am 60, I am 17 myself. Proof- I drooled over a hot guy [and still do] in school yesterday, just because he was ruffling his wet hair and cleaning his glasses with his handkerchief, water dropping from his chiseled face like sparkling diamonds which fell on the floor, hence giving place for roses to grow on the road he walks, making me jealous of the hair and handkerchief and the glass and the road which touches his hand, face and feet respectively. ok Stop me..{thanks to my friend who has made me addicted to flowery descriptions of true incarnation of beauty.)

So yeah, coming back, I have heard them having many conversation, and I have made funny alter ego conversations to spoof them. ( no offence to the lovers and their feelings.)


Boy : Hey! You called! I was sleeping! Sorry!!!
( I was actually watching Sachin scoring a 99. Thank you very much for your kind disturbance.)

Girl: Its Okay. I know you had a reason.
(  I called you to actually break up, because you didnt take my call back then. How the hell can you ignore my call???????)


Girl: Will you be there with me always?
( Or Do I have to look out for someone else? )

Boy: Yes ofcourse I will.
( Even though that girl right behind you is much hotter. ugh, this is torture.)


Girl: Am I looking good? ( WHILE TRYING HER 8th DRESS)
( Of course I am, duh!)

Boy: Terrific. Wow.
( Why am I put through this question like a test always? Didnt I date her for the only reason that she looks good, adding the obvious dumbness and idiocy?)


Girl: Why were you staring at that girl right now?
( thank god you were. because at the same time, I was staring at that hottie there.)

Boy: Staring? You kiddin me? I was thinking about you.
( I know you were staring at that jerk out there too. Stop probing me, dumb lass.)


Girl: What do you think of Rita? She is a pain in the guts, aint she? She made me cry.
( I hate her. SO You should hate her too.)

Boy: Sucker she is. How can she make you cry?
( God she is hot, you kiddin me right? Making you cry is a layman's job.)

SET 6 ( And the final, because people may want to kill me)

Girl: I think i am a burden on you.
(Say yes and leave. I am bored of you.)

Boy: I think you deserve better.
( Oh man! That new girl in the class is much much hotter. How can I leave out a chance?)

Anyways, this was just for fun. I respect the lovers and their feelings.

*Wonders if that hot guy in school is single.................................****

They say, we all are the peas of the same pod.


Manali said...

well that rosy sexy hottie may or may not be single... but miss prerna has found reasons to drool... and has drwan wonderful njoyable conclusions widout being a perfect goodie single...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Yaawr !!!!!!
Quitely BRILLIANT !! JUST FANTASTIC .. !! W8ing for more :)))
And Yupp What we only need is Love, pyar, prema, bhaalo bhaasha, kaadal.! SO DAMN TRUE !!
Rakesh Ranjan

Anonymous said...

Abey ye kaha kaha dimag me aata h tere , Well its right though .. Sahi likha h .. Yash urf Makhe