Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Era of Who "Cares" ism- Truth about Youth

Era of "who-cares"ism! - Truth about The Youth

We, the present generation youth, are considered the most apathetic, reclusive, indifferent, least concerned about our country's problem- because we are either twined in twitter or hooked to Facebook.We know a man is sitting without food in scorching sunlight fighting corruption, we know that shoes are being hurled at ministers, but then we still like to click the "Movies" section of a news website and learn about the new girlfriend of a star or the secret marriage some hero did outside a nation. We are shamelessly incorrigible. What are we doing, at the end of the day?

We are "Facebooking" and tweeting". Okay, now this addiction cannot be changed in a jiffy. But then, are we facebooking/tweeting something substantial? Is it doing good to us and the country? And even if we are sharing some good things, does our "Friend List" acknowledge it?

No. Because it is not as cool as "Kolaveri."

Just another day, I had written two blog posts- one on "Teen Love" and one on "North-South" Feud in India, and had posted the links to my facebook account. Out of the 455 friends I have, 13 liked my Teen Love link, and I got no response to the post which was all about our own country, which provides the food we eat, the internet connection through which we access Mark Zuckerberg's creation. Maybe because my blog is not read by many- or people JUST DO NOT CARE.

What shall I conclude from this? That out of 455 people, who are ALL Indians, from almost every part of India, who are 24 x 7 hooked to facebook, accidentally did not see the link about India OR should I  give away the bitter truth- THEY JUST DID NOT CARE.

I am not crying out loud that I did not get views in my blog, but then no one cared about my voice for our nation. And it is not that comments and likes on Facebook determine the real characteristics of a youngster- but now Facebook has become a public platform. I tweeted the link to nation's best journalists, to great writers, but none of them responded-maybe they were too busy recording a famous celebrity's visit to India, tweet about their breakfast or may be- THEY JUST DID  NOT CARE.

My father has a hobby of photography. He posts his photos in Facebook and Flickr. He posted a photo which showed our nation's plight.

There was no response, no likes, no comments, no shares. But at the same time he had shared a Joke in Facebook, which got 25 likes in a jiffy. Do we call this a facebook glitch ? Or admit that we are just not into Facebook when it is about "India's problems". WE JUST DO NOT CARE!

Now leave Facebook- it is not a dependable resource to make conclusion. 

But this photo, (taken by my father)- it shows India. The man is wearing some boy's school dress, which was going to the dumpyard but then was given to this man as an act of "benevolence." Same is for his jerkin, his shawl. The food he is eating- it was taken out from the dumpyard on which he is sitting. His forehead has no streak of tension. He signifies India- a country which is running some way or other by the "rare" people who are "Actually" working for the nation, the cabbage, the dumpyard- signifies the problem our country has. But his clean shave, his haircut, the way he is sitting and his content  face expression signals another bitter truth- "HE DOES NOT CARE." He may eat food from garbage, wear clothes which were given as alms, but wont do one thing to improve its condition..- The same way, our countrymen know that we are drowning into misery, we are in a well of troubles and corruption, but then we will live with it, but wont do anything about it.

Just another day I got a "Status" update- 
"Wow! 26th January is Ellen Degeneres's Birthday!!!! Woohoo!!!"
 Somebody commented " And our republic day!"
The person replied - "LOL. What the heck ? Who cares?"

Yes. Who cares?


Hemant said...

You writing is too good Prerna....
Trust me we are not with the attitude of "we just do not care" if it would have been the case...Kapil Sibbal would not have been advocating the screening of online media...

We are going through a phase where 'entertainment' is what everyone fact i too observe that; hardly one or two response when i update my status as "spreading awareness about this right to refuse to vote..." or "In the excitement of luring voters of UP....Mulayam Singh makes the most irresponsible statement of 2012 election campaign...Is he aware of the consequences!!"

May be people are not aware how they should respond...
Good post..may it get noticed by every "we just do not care" attitude ppl...

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thank you Hemant. This really encouraged me. I need people like you to read these posts which actually come down to something substantial. I hate it when blogs of "madrasan" gets famous or gets viewed just because she wrote her personal frustration about Punjabis. Substantive topics are not given a damn in India. Only few see to it and spare time to think and comment about it. Hope you share this. And thanks again!