Friday, February 17, 2012

An hour, the beach- P Subbu

It was always a great feeling that I was shifting to a place near the beach, Marina. I can go to it whenever I want,  that too so easily- friends living in far off places in Chennai envied me- for the simplest reasons- who doesn't like to live near the beach, have a look at it by just randomly passing by for some random job, and inhale the sultry yet soothing smell of it? 

But then with the pressure of studies, all the "feeling" and "love for nature" has no time.

 An hour spent in the beach did not transform me as a human being, neither I am a philosopher who can derive different meanings from the waves, the water, the sand and the birds ( crows, basically.) But then after all I am a human, and one walk on the beach may not have transformed me but it was the pure, real and calming effect it had on me, that made me feel how great nature can be.

Two days ago, my parents wanted me to come to the beach for taking a break from studies ( or say redundant life). I was cribbing and hesitating, because I wanted to memorize all the chapters in History in one day, so that the next day I can sit and blog all the day. My parents gave me *those looks*, and I ended up going with them. And Papa had gifted me a DSLR Camera on my birthday, so I thought this will be the best time to make use of it. And thank god my brain was good enough to pin point my senses for taking that camera out of the dust it was residing under.

So, with hesitating steps, I messaged my friend "Going to the beach. -_-. Was not able to cover 1 chapter properly and still I am going to beach. Sad life."

My friend replied "You are so lucky you can just think and go to the beach."

"What is so lucky about it.-__-. I have to sit all night and day and complete the portions. I cannot even blog now."

Then my mother shouted at me not to text while walking on the road ( because I was going to stumble upon a pile of some smelling animal refuse and I don't know what not.)

We reached the beach and then we had to take the loooooong walk towards the water body ( Thanks to the decreasing water level.) It was so irritating, everything seemed exasperating because I am that kind of a person who always wants her to do list to have TICK marks with a smiley ending the list saying "Boo yeah! Did everything I planned to." and then tear it, throw the pieces in the air and enjoy it as if I am getting showered with money dropping from the air. I know foolish, but I like it.

 But this day, I was thinking I will be short of one tick, and I was getting IRRITATED.

My father saw my face and said "See.You dont look like a heroine anyway. So you dont have to make that face to add to your hypothetical beauty."

"Thanks dad. That really made me feel awesome. \m/"

"Always there."

Me and my dad have this serious sickness of cracking jokes and then fighting over whose joke was better and who rocks more. The jokes mostly consist of teasing each other to the core ( to the deep, deep, deep core) and then sugar coating it. I know it is so dumb, but then it is fun.

So while continuing this dumb act, my mother told me to keep quiet and look at the sea. My mind read " interesting..see water body flowing and going, flowing and going back, wetting the sand and my legs. Ayyyyyo! SO much fun ....!! WOo hoo...Bleh."

Mothers actually have this serious magical powers. I dont know how, they were also girls like us before, how come suddenly after becoming mothers they acquire these supernatural qualities of reading minds??? She said-
"Just stop thinking sarcastically about it and look at it. Keep quiet for a change and dont worry about History."

Then I felt, they are telling this for my good only, and then I started to gaze at the water,with  the crows who were irritating me, thanks to the immense amount of dirt in the beach. But then I saw many things alongwith the waves.

Kids were selling balloons, tea, coffee, and what not- no one was buying whatever they wanted to sell. But still they had a smile on their faces and were joking and laughing and playing.
Kids were selling toys, the same toys they could have played with if God ( if there is one) had been a little merciful. 
My feet was covered with sand, much to my disgust. I went to rub it off, but then nature helped me before I could have helped myself. The water came, and took the sand with it.
I dont know why, I put my feet on the sand, this time wanting it to be washed with water. But this time, the waves were not strong enough and didnt reach where I was sitting. I waited a little more, the water was going away before coming to me and cleaning my feet. I was very near to getting irritated, but then I did not and brushed away the sand myself.

These three things made me learn amazing values. First, I was thinking I am so unlucky because I have to go to the beach and sit, and miss my studies. The beach made me rethink. What about those kids who have to come to the beach so that they can eat a meal in a day?

Second, I thought that nature was always boring. It is just trees, water and sand. But the same sand taught me one thing- that something can help you once, but then next time if the same problem occurs, you need to be ready for facing it yourself. And that you need patience- you should not get irritated if something doest come soon enough as a solution. You can always solve it anyway or other.

Third, I didn't learn an amazing value. But I did an amazing thing which made me feel on top of the world. 

I went back home, took out my to do list.

And I crossed the whole row of "COMPLETE HISTORY OR GET GUILLOTINED" and Wrote "PAUSE FOR A BIT AND ENJOY LIFE, GET REAL"- (and then I put a tick for it so badly, that a bit of the paper tore. -_-.)

So, my to do list was complete today too.

It is rightly said- nature cannot cause any harm.


deVa said...

hey versatile :)...

Dee........ said...

nature cannot cause any harm. ????
Nature is totally unpredictable and interestingly it expects nothing but teaches a TON..

like in beach... waVes NEVER EVER GIVE UP :D
Good luck for the contest :)