Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life is Unexplainable.

Though there are many sciences in the world,
many hypotheses,
many proofs,
many datas and analysis,
No one can properly define life!

Life is unexplainable,
Fate is unreadable,
Your hands,
Your mind,
Tarot Cards,
are just dust of mind and eyes.
No one can predict your life,
Not even God.

Life is how you live it,
how you perceive it,
How you gain from it.

Life is how you experience a rejection,
how you cherish an acceptance.

Life is what you want,
Life is what others make it for you,
and how you break it for them.

Life is never written in paper,
on hand,
on other human being's mind,
in your eyes,
in your face.

Life is written by you,
but not on a piece of paper,
but its written in the air you breathe.

Unexplainable is life right now,
and it would be so
until Life ends on the universe.
Life is not a story,
its a Free verse.

You need not stop the flow,
but go with it,
You need to live with the meandering roads,
And life will take care of everything else.

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