Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pornliament- Our ministers turn desperate..! :P (Karnataka ministers caught in their desperate porn watching act)

So when a Vidhana Sabha is discussing an issue of some miscreants hoisting a Pakistani flag in Karnataka, what you may expect from Indian ministers is, yawning and watching Porn. ( Sorry, not in Laptops, mobiles- they need to keep their "curiosity" in their pockets, no?!")

How technically advanced ministers we have! Wow!!!- even though they are null in knowledge, null in innovative ideas for improving India, and of course, null in looks :P. So, these "paavam" ( helpless) ministers, who dont have the looks, the brains, the Anything, have to resort to personal "secret" satisfaction- as they know they dont possess anything to get a quartile of respect.

 As it is a given, they dont have brains ( but then Indian ministers, they think they are Laureates), they dont know they are relieving their senses right down a big fat camera. I wonder what the cameraman is thinking now, pity pity. :O

The clippings show Savadi, intently watching the clipping and C C Patil, peeping for a few seconds ( and I guess telling "Savadi" to let him see too. Yaar satisfaction mutual honi chahiye boss.( The fun should be mutual!)

The irony is, this guy CC PAtil, is "Woman and Child welfare" Minister.
Do I need to say more?

And this Savadi whatever, is "cooperation" minister. Now I See whom and what he is cooperating. 

The next fun part is their denial.
And then, their "explanation".

"No No. We were not "WAACHIng" "paarn". It was a clipping of a rape and murder scene in a foreign country ( hmm, Foreign porn, these guys have choices) which they saw in the light of controversy of a group of foreigners indulging in a sex act at a tourism promotion event near Udupi, about 400 km west of Bangalore. ( These people should write stories man, I am just wasting time "blagging."(Blogging, in the way these ministers speak.)

"We are not so uncivilised as to watch porn films."
(Okay, if I agree to your explanation- why the heck were you discussing a rape case when a very important debate was already getting discussed.)

"It was about the ill effects of rave party."
( If you never enjoyed one, dont dump your frustration on the Youth, Mr Despo-porn-watcher.)

The next amazing thing that they said-it was the phone of some Environment and Port minister ( more of a "PORN" minister, here).

Apparently, Karnataka is filled with desperate, love-deprived ministers. In May 2010, food and civil supplies minister Haratalu Halappa was caught in a rape act. (My god, his name reminds me of Indus Valley civilisation. Oh no, it cant be. People of Harrappan valley civilisation were actual geniuses, not their friend's wives rapists.I know this was a very, very poor joke. But then, these desperate ministers have made my brains go nuts) 

Earlier, another BJP legislator, M P Renukacharya, had been accused by a nurse of sexually harassing her.

BJP- Buffoons, Jerks, Porn lovers. LOL.

( I am no party person, I am an innocent 17 yr old. Who knows, Congressmen have other methods of getting satisfied.)

And yes, as a cliche process done redundantly by our ministers, after doing everything they should not- these poor souls have resigned. 

Ah! No more porn in parliament fun. *fake sigh*

Disclaimer- Excuse Typos. Was written in utter anger. -_____-


Mimzmarshmallow said...

it's just pathetic !!!!!!!

Prerna Subramanian said...

I know rightt?!. Ministers are louwe deprived.:P