Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stabbing a teacher

 Related to the horrifying news ( if you dont know what has happened in a school in Chennai -
If you are not a school-goer anymore, just imagine your school. Or if you are, reconstruct the atmosphere and the environment of your school- close your eyes and just think.

 Your class, the benches, the chairs, the windows, the students who are talking, chatting; the corridors, bustling with some goal-directed, some aimless kids, peons, janitors.
Come back to your class, something is missing. Students are there, books, blackboard, chalkpiece, white board, something is making this incomplete. Where is the teacher?

She is not there. Where is she? Why hasnt she come yet? Why is she so late? Why isnt she coming and taking the attendance? Why is she not coming and telling us to stand and say good morning, because we have to be reminded that she demands respect!? Why isnt a form, with a sari, neatly tied hair with a book, copy, red pen not there? Where is she?

She was stabbed. Stabbed to death three days ago. Her throat was slit into pieces, her tummy ripped into fragments, her life had stopped. She was sitting in a room, with a book, so that she can keep the lessons ready so that students understand them better. She didnt know, she will be killed the next minute.

She was stabbed, stabbed by the person who actually sat next to you in class. Who studied in class with you, same books, same class, same atmosphere. But then, you never knew, he was going to murder the teacher, who was responsible for your great marks.

She treated all of you like her two daughters, she used to be up till midnight so that she can be ready for the next class. 

But that boy was angry with her. Because she had written "Please take care of him and his studies" in his diary. 
He thought his prestige was hurt.
He wanted to avenge her.

He killed her.

Two days, people mourned.

The boy was sent to the juvenile court.

A new teacher comes, she opens the book, 

"Sixth Lesson."

What can one do, when the kids are so concerned about their "prestige" their "pride" and can use their affluence, their "young blood" to take somebody's life, who was actually trying to improve his studies?

What did the child get by doing this?

When exam stress increases, the country changes the education system.

Still, kids suicide.

When teachers become a tad too angry, school bans scolding.

A teacher is killed.

The kid will be released from the juvenile home some day or other.

Will he realise his mistake?

Or will take pride in it?

What does the generation want?

There is a big question mark, where is the answer?

The answer lies within us.

We dont need to bring the change. We need to be the change.

We have to take life as it comes. Exam stress, marks, percentage, rank, failure- these are trivial matters. When you will grow up, there are other kinds of stress, other kinds of failure.

We live only once. We have to face the problem, not mend it. We should remove the problem, not remove ourselves from the problem by committing suicide.

Or one word will simply describe us ( and can be used now too!)


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