Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boo!nam Pandey- What IS the Future of an Indian Woman.

I go the news section of Times of India ( with The Hindu also opened in the next tab :P) and what I see is Poonam Pandey did this, Poonam Pandey to reveal more, Poonam Pandey goes nude, Poonam Pandey MMS! Poonam Pandey fights with Tasleema Nasrin ( . Tasleema should not waste her valuable time.)

Even I became one of those idiots to search her on Google. That too a day before Holi. And lo and behold! I see this woman has published "bikini holi" photos!

I searched her on Wiki and found out she is just 20 yrs old! Only 2 years older than me!

Some  questions came in my mind.

1. What does a girl's father suffer when his daughter publicly claims she will go nude?

2. What does a girl's mother do when her daughter's MMS gets published in the internet and at the same time the daughter publicly says, she will publish a website in which everyone can see her throughout the day?

3.  Does a model's family approve of the money which comes through selling one's body?

4. Actresses are different. Pornstars are different. Actresses act and sometimes reveal their curves, but they never publish their nude photos or not even announce they will do so.Profession of a pornstar IS TO SELL BODY anyway! Nothing can be done about them! But what is with these Indian 20 yr old wannabes?

5. After doing things like these, if models are sexually abused, who is to blame?

6. Do these girls forget that they are disrespecting each and Indian woman in India?

7. If one girl starts getting popularity just because she went "SEMI NUDE", other wannabe actresses release videos and strip! What has happened to the glamour industry?

8. Besharmi Morcha, Slut walk, all these rallies state that Girls should not be commented upon their clothes, and their clothes are not the reason for sexual harassment. This is very true! But what about these girls, who publicly want to attract the animal in a man?

I read articles that said Poonam's parents are supporting her.  If it is really so, I am afraid India is soon going to lose all the culture it possesses.

What do you people think about this whole matter? What do these models want? Where are the glam-girls heading towards? What will happen to the fairer sex's image in India? On one hand we want us to be respected equally, on the other hand many of us have forgotten to respect OURSELVES!

Do answer me! Do tell me your views- I bet you don't want to see Indian women being disrespected all over the world!
These are not only mine, your questions too!

It is time to change!!! It is time to change our point of views! We should know that whatever we say, we are WOMEN- we are Special Creations of God. Our endowments from nature are different from that of men, and we are more vulnerable to abuse than our counterparts- on one hand we Have the RIGHT to be equally treated, on the other hand, we should be in our limits, not because we are any lesser than men. If men go shirtless, it is because their assets are not as valuable as ours. We need to be free, but we need to be pure too. If the whole world is impure, women should stand out and not join the flock. If men go nude, it does not mean women should start demanding rights to go Nude on the streets too. We are self contradicting our other demands then. If some men are shameless, then women should not start "demanding" shamelessness too. There is a reason why men and women are different. Women are pure, the purest.


sruthird said...

ditto..i hate that woman!!!

Archana Chari said...

I have stuff to say. Please please, I hope I write on this too :)

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Rightly said. Some girls are going crazy for money, fame and success and doing almost everything which an Indian women shouldn't. Even I hv written a blog on this-
#554th BLOG POST- GIRLS, We Are Nothing Without You (Happy Women's Day) !!!-

Vishal Kataria said...

Great last line! Very true! And a good thought on women not having to involve themselves in things like Slutwalk.

Boo (oops Poo)nam Pandey has been a KF model since quite sometime. Well even I don't know how her parents allow this stuff.

P.S. She's been 20 for 3 years now ;)

Puloma Dasgupta said...

one. whether a parent likes it or not, an adult has the right to do wtever they want, as long as it is not trampling on another's rights. no.2, if a woman gets raped or assaulted- like so many have thankfully n strongly agreed often in this group- it is the criminal's fault. y not the woman's? bcz it was not consensual. had she wanted it, it would count as sex, not rape, n the former is fine if it's fine with the two involved. rape is forced, molestation, assault, all of them- forced. if the woman doesn't like it, the other person better mind his own business even if the woman choses to go around stark naked. btw, why can't she do that? anything 'wrong' with nudity? as 4 porn- plz c the discussion i mentioned. culture is wt ppl in a society do. at any point of time it is made up of diverse elements, some good, some bad. wt the heck is 'indian culture'. a myth. there is no ONE so called indian culture. n btw why stress on 'indian'? it's just a place within a political boundary. yes, many things r common within the boundary, but they r diverse as well. plus many things r common with places outside of the boundary as well.

Umang Sabharwal said...

You make a nice argument but heres the thing, the woman may have some serious issues with attention, but I find a sort of liberation in the way she is cool with her body. She is willing to flaunt every bit of it, and she knows that there are ample takers. I dont know how the question of molestation comes in here, if she gets molested, ie if someone touches her body inapropirately with out her permission, its still wrong because her photos and videos are not asking people to come feel her up. Also, even dhoni and ganguly took off their shirsts whn they won, because they were really happy, so what if poonam pande wants to do the same. The thing is a womans body is associated with a certain shame that a mans body is not. I think tghe woman is really cool to flaunt herself like that, its about exploiting ur liberties, and showing the middle finger to societal norms!

Prerna Subramanian said...

he thing about molestation is one of the questions most of the old generation people ask us- When some of the Indian women like Poonam Pandey go nude and flaunt their body publicly, it is very much apparent that men will take advantage of it. But then I also said that clothes are not a huge matter. We can wear whatever we want. But Poonam Pandey case is too horrible to be true. I wrote this because I heard she is going to publish a Website about her BATHROOM secrets. This is 1. attention problem- which is right! 2. mental problem and ignorance towards the dignity of a Woman.
One more thing, whatever we say, Indian culture is known for its dignity. We the present generation want flexibility too , which is is TRUE> But woman like Poonam Pandey ruin all our efforts- on one side we want equal treatment, on the other hand we strip publicly. Your point of middle finger is so true. if it were a woman hockey team player showing a middle finger, it would have been a matter of GREATER discussion. Woman flashing her body is considered critical because we our endowments from nature are different, and they are oto vulernable to abuse. On one hand we SHOULD demand respect and equity, but at the same time we need to take self initiated incentives- we can FLAUNT, but keeping our dignity high too. Thanks Umang Sabarwal and Puloma Dasgupta. I appreciate your comments!

Prerna Subramanian said...

we- she strips publicly*
we our- our*
oto- too*

Dinesh Narasimiaha said...

if you have it - flaunt it - we men love it

Kaushal Khati said...

Isn't this Poonam Pandey taking full advantage of loopholes present in OUR CULTURE ??...actually its a vicious circle...she(or her PR) knew what sells and now they are selling it like hot cakes...and god save that damn paunch, it is consuming these cakes at faster rate!..

What is culture..??..the thing that we do today, if done again tomorrow, will be a tradition and if it is again repeated day after tomorrow..we get a,place this proposition inside an infinite loop...and what you get is--> The Indian Culture(no disregard to our high values)...which unequivocally promotes concept of weaker just convolutes the whole societal practices by segregating both male and female. UNEQUALITY is the biggest problem and to certain limit, all other are its progeny.
Every body remembers when Sharmila Tagore appeared in two piece..but nobody knows when first male protagonist went topless.

Now the void has become so wide that if someone crosses it to go to other side, he/she gets exclusivity.Unfortunately. So, there's nothing abnormal in what Poonam Pandey is doing but attention she's getting always raises my eyebrow. But it shouldn't...for Ms. PP knows the culture,society very well...and she is just selling what people love to buy.

Vaibhav Bhatia said...

there are lots of male models who poses shirtless and even salman and hrithik roshan goes shirtless many one raises a single question against their dignity..not a single person had said that its against our so called Indian if a girl going nude why everyone is raising question about her dignity..or saying that she is selling her body for money!!! its her life, her decision and please don't make an excuse by saying its against our Indian culture..because there is harappan culture, Dravidian culture, later on Aryans came and ruled our country...lots of different cultures were in please stop putting restrictions on women`s life in the name of culture or dignity!!!!!

Vaibhav Bhatia said...

you are right women are pure and special creations of god. But please don`t measure the pureness of women on the basis of what she wears. For example Pamela Anderson she had done lots of nude photo shoots for magazines but at the same time she has also gone nude for PETA to support animal rights. So that doesn`t mean she is impure or she has crossed her limits. Poonam pandey is not the only girl who poses nude there are many models who has done this..its your perspective that she is doing wrong by shedding her clothes but the perspective of photographer would be different from yours he/she might be taking that picture as a creative and artistic picture which shows the elegance, graceness of female body. So please don't think that if a girl shows her skin will become impure or she is shameless.

Puloma Dasgupta said...

i disagree that women are special creations- they are neither special, nor creations. but the latter is a matter of belief and faith, n we will let it be. as for special, as far as every individual being is special, so are women. but then, they can not be categorized into a rigid class, n certainly not be called pure! why pure? n wt is pure? these r personal concepts. pure to u can b different from pure to me. n it is so for every different being. moreover, how r women's assets more valuable? some ppl say cover urself neck down- less than that will cause trouble. then wt is wrong with ppl who say cover ur hands, more exposure will cause trouble? how abt cover ur faces? cover ur feet? who is to decide which part of our bodies cause trouble? it is just social perception, n habits. if 60% women went around naked today, none would ogle at every woman who didn't cover herself- it would just b commonplace. it's just that everyone actually goes around covered, that one or two exceptions would stand out. clothes r fine. we wear them mostly for purposes of protection from the physical environment, n also for their appealing appearance, etc.. we r not supposed to cover for the sake of 'shame' (hence besharmi morcha). men r not vile n shameless, n women special n pure! there r all kinds of women, just like there r all kinds of men. we mustn't stereotype them following anybody's dictat- anybody's, any culture's, any community's, any tradition's etc. etc.. n again, u knw abt tribal woman. they r often top naked. n they live their lives well n independently enough! even a few centuries back women wore saris without blouses. this whole idea of guilt at our bodies has been socially imposed. n the worst part is, criminals get a means of escape, or others facilitate that escape, wittingly or unwittingly, by blaming the victim of a sexual assault on the woman. a woman can be whoever she wants to be- she can wish to attract men n sleep with many of them if she so wishes- but all that is with the consent of the two sides. had she asked for a rape, it wouldn't have been a rape- bcz that term-rape- implies FORCED sex. but if she feels raped, there it is! it was forced- it was a crime. i m generous n organize feasts for many people for free doesn't imply one can gatecrash into the event n steal the food!

Kaushal Khati said...

‎^i absolutely, totally second that.
If women have different endowments from men..then similarly, men have different endowments from women...infants have smaller endowments than grown ups...and animals are in a totally different class..turns out, everybody is special!
by no means, Nudity=shamelessness.
its a form of is most primitive form...last year, i did a bit of research on Naturists...i read about many naturist camps being organised in many parts of Canada,U.S. and Europe, where many people(irrespective of sex and age) gather,interact, enjoy their holidays etc..all in nothing but nature's clothing...nobody's forced to do's a conscientious decision of all involved...and it is not at all flagrant!
But raping(or eve teasing,harassing etc.) is decision of only one person , a whim..that totally vitiate other person both physically and mentally.

Prerna Subramanian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prerna Subramanian said...

Wearing less clothes, going out in whatever one wants, its fine, its nothing to be even discussed about or made a matter of great debate. its a way of life. But publishing a website of bathroom secrets? I dont think be it both men or women, would like to open up their private lives to the WORLD that too private as in the most critical ones. That ushers me to say that this is utter shamelessness. And nudity is a form of expression, I agree to it. Nudity is not = shamelessness. But Self initiated sexual exposure is.telling it to the world that "Come on baby lemme show you what I do in my bathroom" is not acceptable. That is utter need of attention, which Umang Sabarwal stated and I agree to her point. And the problem is that the much asked for attention is being given to her, and because of her many others are doing the same thing. First people used to publish MMS ofgirls, now girls themselves shoot MMS and put it on the internet.That is what is most disturbing. Then if we go around saying "We are not materials to be raped", thats just idiotic then.If she really wants to do that, she should go on become a PORN STAR- no one will question her. That is the world's problem. IF your profession permits it, then go on, do it. And 45% of pornstars are Indians, so that doesnt bring a problem to us at all, does it?
Concluding, what i want to say is that if you want to be free, liberalise your lifestyle and be what YOU want, then be ready for its consequences. YOu can go nude, You can do whatever you want, you can walk naked showing off your assets, be carefree- no one is stopping you. But then if anything happens, you should have the FACe, the guts, the mind, the brains, the soul and the same confidence you had when you posed freely when exposed to some problem. If women change and become carefree, they should know that the whole world is not going the same way. THey either have to change the world, or BE THE CHANGE.
Be a good change. And if you want to do whatever you want even without caring about what the world thinks, go on do it. We are humans after all, we have rights to do things. Once you start doing, and you are ogled at, DONT CARE! and once YOU Dont care, others would stop caring too. And then you will soon get your 60% women going nude- population as Puloma Dasgupta said. THen no one will definitely care. But then if we see the present world, commenting in Facebook wwould not change the world neither my blogpost will help. We cant change the world in a jiffy. And even if we do, it doesnt mean we will abstain from Sobriety.

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Shreeji Pandian said...

I don't think you really understand the whole culture-liberation-freedom-society connection. A few decades back, women were supposed to cover their faces. Even now, this culture prevails. And showing her face was considered as attracting men and was considered a disgrace to the family. But now, almost every women can see without a piece of cloth hindering their face. So then, there was a change. A few years later, we wanted to wear capries and shorts which would show our legs. That, back then was considered as attracting the animal within man (quoting you) but now we have the liberty to wear shorts ad stuff like that. So now, you are okay with it because there are a lot of others who do the same. But think about the first person to have wanted to do what no one did before. So it's a matter of change. Whether the change is good or not, there ll always be a good side and a bad side for everything. And regarding the whole image of India as such, I don't think it falls on just one person.

Anonymous said...

You are nobody to judge anyone.she is an adult and can do whatever she likes.She has the freedom to do whatever she likes,and so do you.Nobody is forcing you to read her 'bathroom secrets'. There are all sorts of people and they have different ways to deL with their problems alright? She has an attention problem and if she chooses this way to get it,i see no problem in it! Its good to have an opinion but judging somebody based on your opinion is BAD! And as far as affecting the 'indian culture' is concerned,i dont think it is true! People have their brains to think with and do not get influenced by anyone. In the end it all boils down to an individual's personal choice of how he/she wants to lead their lives.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Puloma and shreeji