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I am from a small town- And I am not primitive.

Many people have this misconception, that people from small towns are not modern, not hep, they do not follow the current trends, and now a days the characteristic of a small town person according to a city fella is- "They do not know English, they do not know English actors neither they watch English films or listen to English music."

First of all, this misconception is due to a larger misconception of the definition of modernity. Who is modern? When can you call a person modern? Answer to this is subjective. It will have different answers and opinions will change according to persons. 


For me, a modern person need not speak English fluently, need not listen to Eminem and need not wear western clothes. If that is modernity, then you cannot tag France as a modern country. French people make it sure that their countrymen know "French" first, and English is not necessary. When people are sent to France for studying, they ought to learn French because people wont easily resort to English there.Language is not a determinant of modernity. They follow their tradition first, and rigidly take pride in their culture. And still, they have cities like Paris, which is the Fashion Capital of the world. Following English culture doesn't mean you are modern. BEING YOU is important, modernity will follow.

Coming to the small town topic, if a person hails from a small town, he is not an extra terrestrial being. He is a human being like you. I have often seen in schools- two new students, one has come from America and one from a small town in India; people will crib to talk to the latter more! And unfortunately, they will recognize the American place from where the girl has come from, but not the Indian Town.

5161 towns and 28 cities

One reason is viable for this ignorance- there are more than 1000 towns in India. But then the same reason should change the thinking of a city person too! When you know you live in a country with 5161 towns and only 28 cities, you should show no indifference towards the town-girl/guy. You should know you are talking to the person who makes 80% of your country's population. And your own city, was also a town once.

Towns and cities- they not only differ in size, but the opportunity one gets in both is different. It is natural that in a city, agglomeration and development is way faster- due to the large population it has to support and due to the varied interests. But that does not mean people hailing from the former are primitive! It is just a simple logic- they live in a small place and you don't!

Close Knit

But even though a city gives lots of opportunities and has everything you need, a town enriches a human's emotional side. It has an advantage- you connect more to people, and you connect faster. It is so beautiful, that you are walking on a road and the person passing you by,you know him. No one is a stranger, and it might be possible that the stranger will turn out to be your friend's friend some day.

That again doesn't mean that cities do not have an emotional side to them. It is just that in towns, you come from a more close knit community, and human relationships are of great value there. Cities have fast life, and people don't have time for sitting in a huge, green field, take a sip of tea with their friends. The city version of "hanging out" is going to the nearest multiplex and spend 500 rupees on two cokes and a popcorn packet. Nothing wrong in it, but then you cant say that our way of enjoying is  "early- man" style.

Two experiences

  I and my new friends in the city were talking about hotels and restaurants. And while discussing, one friend asked me "You know what a Pub is right?"- she didnt really intend to hurt me, or didn't want to taunt . Her question was harmless, because it came out of ignorance. 

Townspeople are not backward. We know the latest technological advancements. The only advantage we have is we have a balance of both tradition and technology. Cities have both too, but the latter outweighs the former.  

Some of the boys in my class smoke. And I just commented on them and said to my friend " They don't have any sense or manners? Parents don't care or what?"That friend says "It is common in cities yaar.Our parents are cool. Yours are overprotective!"

The matter of parents comes from their less devotion to their children! It is not that they do it intentionally, but their careers, their lives, their lifestyle does not permit them to give most of the time to their children, resulting in some adverse consequences.And because we have parents who are very protective of each and every step of ours, that doesn't make them "uncool" or whatsoever. It is so because half of their lifetime is devoted to our actions, and one bad step of ours will create a huge effect in their lives. And that does not mean that a city parent allows his children to smoke. It is an excuse the city children make under the light of their working parents' life, so that if they go wrong they can always say "You didn't take care of me then."

So concluding, tagging and stereotyping on the basis of TOWN and CITY is illogical. After all you end up hailing from the same country! 

And I really want you to read this article- She is ALL INDIA CS Topper from Ambikapur. Yes, it s a small town in Chhattisgarh.

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