Thursday, March 1, 2012

Irritating Technological Anomalies

My last post on High School Syndrome got deleted, and boo me, I did not even save it in drafts or in my computer as a word document. I wanted to copy paste it for some newspaper article, and the guidelines for submitting the article wanted me to delete the post from the blog so that it is solely printed in their paper and not on my blog. I didn't even Paste it after copying, deleted my blogpost, and when I pressed Ctrl D, something else ( some old shit copied long time ago) appeared. Then I came to know, when I had pressed Copy before, it had not worked at all. My 1 hour work blew away in a jiffy, thanks to the technological idiocy  (i.e my stinking keyboard)

Just another day my friend mailed me my notes of some optional subject, and I thought that it will remain in the email itself, I will print it whenever I want to. For some goddamn reason, my account got blocked for 24 hours and recent mails got deleted. I had to tell my friend again to send me notes, inviting cuss words and curses.

My friend recently attended a Bombay Jayshree concert, where the great lady expressed her opinions about technology and to what extent it has paralyzed us and has made us its parasite. She said that her Blackberry accidentally fell into water, and when she took it out the phone was not working at all. She called up Customer care, who advised her to suck the water out of the battery. She had to do this hideous job, but all in vain. She took it to the Repair shop, but even they were not able to correct it and said that SIM card was spoiled under so much water. And when they were sorry for not able to repair her mobile, they expressed their feelings as if some kin had died. She lost all her numbers, and thanks to the new habit of relying only on the mobile stored numbers and not having "Small address books", she had to toil for numbers again.

Similar things have happened with many of my friends and siblings. When they lose their contacts, they update their statuses in FB "Mail me your numbers please. Lost 'em all." Sheesh, technology has had a great effect on all of us. We don't have time to catch up with our friends, meet them face to face, and when we lose our digital contacts, we have to take help of another technology like Facebook again to regain them all.

Anyway, it feels funny that I am telling these things through technology and not using pen or paper. Even if I send it to the newspapers, they will end up in the newspaper scrap stack of my house.

 If you lose the newspaper cutting of your article, which you kept as a souvenir for boasting around ( by saying that I wrote for The Hindu and it got published), you don't need to go to their office for ordering a copy of that date's paper. There is always the e-version of it.


Archana Chari said...

Ha, count me in to one of the friends who sent those messages. Perils!

Prerna Subramanian said...

Haha..been there done that eh?

Shreeji Pandian said...

spent my last week retrieving all my contacts! but thanks to my old address book, i dint have to ask everyone!