Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Tu bhi roega, tujhe bhi wo din yaad ayenge."

It is such a weird phenomena about humans, when you are not the one who is suffering something, you do not understand the worth of the tears being shed.
 Some ten days ago, I and some of my friends were laughing at the so called- girlishness of the 12th class girls and boys of our school. According to us-they were all acting crazy, slow motion hugs,  filmy dialogues like "Mereko bhulna mat", slam books being filled as if they dont know anything about each other even after 10 years of friendship, wiping each other's tears and holding each other tight. "Abey marne waale ho kya??"- we thought. ( Are you going to die or what? :o

But then, after these 10 days, we, who were in 11th till now, have come to Class 12th- The year often synonymous to BOARDS, but for the students who are in this class, it is symptomatic to one and only one thing- End of school Life.

When we are 5, we want to go to a double digit age, when we are 10, we want to become teenagers. When we are 13, we want to become adults. And for us, time seems to stretch too much. But then if we look back at those days when we are 18, and then see the condition of the elders in our life, it is undeniable that we have the best times of our life in school, and are heading towards a pool of havoc. 

During school days, we do not have any responsibilities other than studies and getting marks, we do not have any weight on our shoulders like earning money and winning bread for the family. We are the sole consumers, and we are only expected to pay back through good performance.

When we ARE in school, we do not forget to tease teachers, hate them, make their life hell, conspire against people, hate the school for many reasons, curse it, and many times we think "When will this end? When will I go to college and be on my own terms and break free?" - but we forget to think that we are actually desiring for a life filled with much, much tension and responsibilites, and are not enjoying the ACTUAL break free, carefree life school days provide.

What do we actually do in school days? Nothing. Zilch work. We wake up, mother gives us some stimulating beverage, we dress up, and meet our friends, enjoy with them, follow our crushes, make "boy friends" and "girl friends", make some favorites and hate-lists, study for a fractional amount of time and come back, eat, play, study, and sleep. Will this  life ever come back?

In school you dont need to have tension of "working for money", we do not have tension of "promotions" or "titles of job". We have only one thing to care about- marks. How can we forget those idle periods, 0 periods, teachers saying "Aaj ni padhaungi, kal dekh lenge ( today wont teach, will see tomorrow), those late submissions of projects and the way teachers glare at us. How can we forget the way we used to open our class windows, because if we do we can see our crush walking by. How can we forget the usage of mobile being prohibited but the first thing we do in school is switch it on and share songs? Those days are unforgettable when our crush comes to know that we drool over him/her and then he calls for us through some mutual friend, the adrenaline rush, the idiocy we do. The way we tease teachers, the way they sportingly take the jokes, the way disciplinary in-charge tells us to not wear low waist pants, and gel our hair and comes to spank us and we run away from him?

Those days wont ever come back.

But still, I go against crying and making our life Bollywood for this. When it is coming to an end, you don't need to cry about it! You dont need to suddenly start hugging friends and show love! You should cherish those days, enjoy with your friends and solve issues with some of the foes you made. Slam books are no memory retainers, they stand no where in front of our brains. Keep them inside your heart, and enjoy the last few moments- not cry. And if you are shedding the tears of happiness, and you find juniors making fun about it, go and tell them-

""Tu bhi roega, tujhe bhi wo din yaad ayenge."

( You too will cry one day, you too will remember your good old school days.)

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