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What to expect from people before and after your exam results?

Well, 11 days and this is one of those rare posts I am writing after thoroughly researching, recording and analyzing. This time choosing a topic was not hard, it was ready for me since February.As March is the "Exam Season", I got a lot of inputs to write something on exam results.

My results were to be out on the 25th, but as I was away from Chennai, I had to call up the teacher and ask it before the due date. I had come to my hometown, and every friend of mine knew my results are going to be out. Even my relatives, were more anxious than me. This was because it was my first final result in a City school, and people wanted to know whether I was capable of getting good marks in a big city school or was I able to do so only in a small town public school. Well, we shall discuss about MY results a little later. I think not discussing my marks is better.

So, due to these on-goings, I did a little study. My topic being- What should you expect from people before your results are coming out. (People here being your friends and family, those WHO KNOW your results are coming out.)

I don't know if this can be generalised, but each and every year, my family shows certain stereotypical characteristics.

First, I started with telling people my results are on 25th.

1. They will act as if they are interested. If you are a good student, they will congratulate before hand by saying "Tera to bahut achcha he aayega."

(You will get good marks as usual)

Problem here: If at all, the results go bad, these people will be the first ones to ask "Didnt you work hard like before? Didnt expect this from you."

2. They will tell their kids are also awaiting results- Okay. This is natural. After you say that your results are coming ( of course, your mother would have forced you to get on the phone and "connect with family"), they will say "Haan haan. Chintoo ka bhi aa raha hai." (Even Chintoo's results are coming.)

Problem here: If at all, their children will perform better, they will be the first ones to say "Bahut mehnat kia tha. Tu bhi kar beta, uske jaisa tera bhi ayega." ( He toiled very hard. Work hard like him, you will do better.)

3. If you had not performed well before, they will say- "Beta picchle baar jaise galtiyan to nahi ki hai na?"
(You havent repeated the silly mistakes, have you?)

Problem here: IF you say yes, they will say "arey! sudharti kyon nai?" (Why don't you improve!)
 and IF you say no- then you can have two situations. One, if your results are great, they will say "Meko pata tha tu improve karegi." ( I knew you will improve) and if your results are the same as before or have gone down, they will say "tune to bola tha theek kiya hai. Kya ho gya?" ( You had said you did well. What happened?)


1. They WILL  be interested. They will say " You will do well yaar." and inside their minds- "Let me see udhar jaake tera haal kya hua hai." ( Let me see what has happened to your results there~)

Problem here: If you do well, they will suddenly stop taking interest in your result. And if you dont do well, they will encourage you like this- "Achcha kar yar next time. Hota hai."  ( Do well next time! It happens)

Inside their mind- hahahaha! Meko to pata tha!!! ( I KNEW IT!!!)

2. They will over-motivate you. Even though the results have not yet come out, they will act as if you already failed/came first.. "Yaar, achcha he ayega. Tu tension mat le. Hota hai, kabi kabi fail hona chahiye. ( Hey it happens. Sometimes you should face failure) OR "Tu to topper hai! tu first nahi ayegi to kya hoga!" (You are a topper! If you wont come first then who will!)

Problem here: In both the cases, YOU are the one who is going down and their response remains the same.

 If you actually fail, they will say "Maine kaha tha na. Tension leti hai aur deti bhi hai." (I told you. You give and take tension!)
And if you pass and come first, they will say "Maine kaha tha na. Tension leti aur deti bhi hai." (" (I told you. You give and take tension!)

Inside their mind-
if failed- tera to yeyi hona tha  (You were destined for this)
if passed- by luck ho gaya. (Simply luck.)

3. They will talk about their results- Mera bhi aane waala hai. Tese to kam hee ahccha karunga mai.  (Even my results are coming. I will not do as good as you)

Problem here: If they do do well, and way too well  than you-and if you say congratulations, they will act as if this is their worst performance, making you feel even more worse about YOUR marks-
"I expected more yaar. This is not me."
YOU- "Man! have I done THAT bad?")

(Inside their mind- Meko pata tha mai achcha karungi.) ( I knew I have done well)

If they don't do well, well, they wont talk to you for some days.



After your results have come:-

If passed with good marks and not came first-

"Tujhse 1st aane ki ummeed thi."

( I thought you will come first)

If passed and came first-

"Second kaun aaya?"
(Who came second?)

If failed-

"First waale se kuch seekh."

(Learn from the one who came first)

If their children did well

"Mera bachcha din me do ghante...........................( their kid's timetable)"

If you did better than their children

"Mere bachche ko kuch sikha."
(Teach my child something)

If passed with good marks and not came first-

"Next time aa jana."

(Better luck next time)

(Inside their mind- Mai hone doo tab na) ( If I let it happen! *evil smile*)

If came first

"Congratulations" *fake smile* *forced hug*

(Inside their mind- Luck. Simply Luck.)

If failed

"Mai madad karungi yaar."
( I will help)
(Inside their mind- Tabbi kuch nahi hoga.) ( It wont make any difference then also!)

If passed but they did better

"Tune bhi equally good kia hai." ( you did equally well)

(Inside their mind- I was always better)

 SO CONCLUDING- Fail, pass, not so good, or first- they actually DO NOT CARE. So, it is better not to think of others when your results are coming, not to think of their opinions and sometimes it is better not to even talk to them about it. Some people say, if you don't inform- they will think you have failed and are ashamed of telling the results. My answer- Why do you care? You did the hard work, you spent time with books, you wrote the exam,and it is YOUR result. Except YOUR PARENTS, no one has a say, as they saw you toil hard.

And if you have done good, do not wait for the phone calls to come and congratulate you. You did not study for their wishes. Do not go on calling people and say you have come first, even if you don't mean to brag, they will think you are doing so. Keep your head held high, act as if it is a common thing for you to do good and strive for doing better.

When the right time comes, the telephone will ring all by itself.

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