Friday, April 27, 2012

The 12th Class

Well yes, those who have met me personally do not believe it yet-that their "Small guchki buchki ( I dont know what on earth that means) Prerna is now in 12th. But face it people- I am in the much hyped strata of Indian education- 12th.

What I have come to know is that is a much hyped thing in India. You often come to hear comments like
A Tamil Elder person-
 "Ayyayo! 12th aaa???? You have to work veryyyyy (emphasis, extreme stress on y) hard kanna!!!"
A North Indian-
"Haye bhagwan! Barvi???? Syappa hai ab to. Bahut padhna hoga."
 A Bengali-
"Oodi Baba. Uchoo maddhomik? Khoob podthe hobe."

Though in various languages- it means all the same "Go, chuck your enjoyment for one year, study and break a leg."
 Or break every part of your body, if you are from a typical Indian family.

Well coming to the point, I am in 12th and ABOVE that, I am an Arts Student. My contemporaries in commerce and science keep saying "You people don't have much to study at all. We are the ones breaking our spines and what not to achieve cent percent."

They don't know that, we are the ones who study mind boggling things like a father-daughter relationship ( I am not talking about the everyday relationship my child. I am talking about incest.) They do not know that when we are given a question paper, we have to be ready with our CREATIVITY, we have to use our WORLDLY knowledge along with "Bookish" knowledge. What we study, is not "Facts", we study humanity, which in itself is dynamic.

Well, those who want to understand will understand.

Anyway, I consider that getting too much frustrated with people who do not understand your value does no good. It depreciates your value even more. So, I am getting back at my humorous self.

So, as I am in 12th along with lakh many children of my age, I want to share some points with them- (WARNING- This is not an advice column of "how to do better in 12th as it can ruin or start your career". It is a column which tells you how to get AWAY from the former type of columns, and people who make those columns.")

1. CHILL. Yes, this is the class which decides your life. But then, the performance is decided by YOU. So, if you have performed very nicely till now, then you need not worry at all. And if you have been the "Average-60" kid, then take this class as a challenge to prove your mettle. But that does not mean you suddenly will follow the 10 codes of Chuck Norris.( dont know what that means? Read here-'s%20Code%20of%20Ethics)
Well in short it means- in one day you cannot be the perfect human being.

2. Emphasize on preparation, not the results- You will get to hear from many people that the results can either create a new you or destroy the present you. Listen to them, and use the privilege of the second ear to shoo those comments away.  People who "advice" or "warn" you have passed 12th 20 years ago( that too is a subject to change). They are not going to give your exams anyway. So to give them the respect, listen. To make them mind their business- do what YOU think is right for you.

3.  Well, concerns of people are good. If suddenly many people pop up and are advising you about how to break the 12th class code, ask them "Where were you these 14 years of my life? I have been studying since I was 2 and a half.Where was all the concern then?" So, if you know what is in front of you and how you can make it better by preparing in the present- BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

4. Don't COMPLETELY rely on tuition- Well, the tuition teacher is not going to sit with a hall ticket on behalf of you! Use her knowledge, her experience. But then know that you suddenly have not lost all your intellect. You can do certain subjects all by yourself. So, take guidance, but do not get addicted to it.

5. Forget "COMPETITION." You never know that "the girl who comes first", or "the boy who tops always", will never even come back in your life. They are not the ones who are creating a major effect in your life. They are not a "turning point" on the road you are walking. You are the only person who can make or break you. So, try not to get nightmares of the girl who got 98 when you got 91.

 Well, I cannot be an agony aunt for someone who is going through the same age,stage and class as me. But this is my strategy for this year, and I wanted to share it with my co-sufferers. But then, this goes for all of you-
 Enjoy the ride. Study with a smile. Think that, these books which are mere pages, are going to define your exiting destination, so they need to be your BEST Friends, not your worst enemies. And the most amazing thing is-
YOU GET TO CHOOSE! YOU GET TO CREATE a destination, a unique destination which no one can snatch from you. You have been given the liberty to distort your future. Just that, you need to take your mind on the right way.

So, lets make different, unique, and own personal Utopias by studying and working at our best. You never know, our Utopia can change the world!

( Too much philosophy I know. But then it is sometimes good to think in a positively Utopian( imaginative, unrealistic) manner than becoming negatively utilitarian( practical, prudential manner.)

Courtesy- Me
Models- LOL. My buddies Ankita and Sagar.


Shruthi said...

Wait till you get to final year of college. Then they'll want you to be an adult.

Or something stupid.

Prerna Subramanian said...

HAhaha..That is why I tagged it under the label "STUPID WORLD" :P

Adrian David said...

ROFL! Cool article. Awesome blog.

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thank you Adrian!!!