Friday, April 13, 2012

Be the elephant, Not the Dog.

Now a days if you get hurt while playing football, you don't feel the pain ( you do not care) caused by the wound AT ALL. What disturbs you more- the questions that will follow, the pity that will be shown. When you get low marks, you don't feel the urge to do better next time. This feeling does come, but it is preceded by the tension caused by "opinions" of the people which will rise after they come to know about your performance. Anxiety is something which can easily define the condition of the brain of a normal 21st century human being. No matter how happy go lucky we youngsters look, we know that it is a facade and we are just feigning.

So there are some ways to remove this problem.
At least they work for me.

1. Remove your 50% friendship from Facebook- No need. No need to befriend and wag your tail around everyone you "met" in a party, or got "acquainted" with in a MUN. They never showed their face again in reality for a reason.

2. Or better, DONT BE in Facebook- Yup, this is hard. Facebook is what newspaper was during independence struggle. The only difference is the latter told us scoops about Britishers, the former gives us a peek into our own friends and family's lives. WHY to MINGLE our mind in others matters and vice versa?

3. Start to say "No"- Being a little selfish is no harm. Your "smile" with a big "Yes" can invite harmful circumstances. People now a days don't like to return the gratitude but they start expecting more from you. So, have an air around you which says "Dude, I did it for you once. Now do something on your own."

4. Stop watching serials which give tension- Some people, no matter how much tension they have in their OWN life, they watch serials and take the character's anxiety as their own. There are very rare cases, but this actually does good harm.  So the time you used to spend watching "Sach ka saamna" (Moment of Truth) or  some other provoking serials, you can do something substantial!

5. Use Blacklist in Mobile- Remove the people from your virtual life. If their job in your life is to give you tension, Block them. Or divert their calls to a number which is switched off. And smile evilly after you do this.

6. Natural therapy- After a fight, if you are burning with anger, go take an oil hair massage ( from your mother. You dont have to pay 500 to a stranger to blob some oil on your head) and then take a cold bath. After this, sleep for an hour. If this does not work, see Point 7.

7. Do something idiotic- Make a fake email id of the person whom you hate. Send an email to this id with all the frustration you want to vent out. After two days, delete that ID. Time heals everything.

8. Don't say "I want to be alone"- When you are angry, surround yourself with cheerful people or go to a person who makes you smile. People with smiling faces can actually cut out half the anger.

9. Know this- People are dying in poverty, are being molested, killed,raped, kidnapped and what not. And you are not one of them, you are not suffering like them. When you are in some problem, think that your problem is just another leaf in the bush. You are not something unique when it comes to tension, everyone has it. And you are the one who can solve it.

10. When you feel something is wrong, be straightforward- Being frank is not a crime. But there is a difference between being "rude" and being "frank." If you feel someone does not look good, you dont go and say them that. That is not being frank!  But when someone says something wrong to you, you should not keep quiet and then cry and tell bad things behind his back. Just get to the point with the person and finish the problem then and there.


Love yourself- This does not mean have super high self esteem. Be yourself, and be your favorite. You need to love the way you are to love the way others are. And if you don't like the way others are, learn to adjust, but maintain your originality. Know that, you came in this world for a reason, and no one can stop you from finding that reason. Let loose, and walk straight ahead, passing by the people who gawk at you, who mock at you, who stand as obstacles. As they say-

"The dog barks, but elephant pays no heed."

Elephant Photo- Arthur's clipart
Dog Photo-

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