Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zindagi ek safar hai suhana!

Family is all about sacrifice, love and compassion. And just like others will say about their family, I am proud to say that my family is an amazing amalgam of all these ingredients. And my family confines only to my mother and my dad.

People who I am most attached to are my parents. In early teenage years also, I never felt moody, isolated. I never felt the need to have a  "boy-friend" who can pay my canteen expenses in school, get me a Silk everyday, say the three words of which I don't know the real meaning, I never wanted "my hero" who is someone whom I studied with for 10 years, and suddenly felt all lovey dovey for. I never wanted a best friend whom I can call at 12 in the night and cry out all my grievances. I never had a confidante, best friend and even if I had a very good friend, I hesitated to tag him/her as the best.

Because I have all this and the best at home, and I cannot place anyone else at that stance. My father was and is my boy friend, and my mother is ready to wake up at 12 and solve my problems.

I always gawk at my contemporaries who say "my mother/father does not understand me". IF they talk about their parents, they talk about how they did not fulfill their specific needs. I don't understand, how can they forget that they are breathing because of the people whom they are loathing. When I state this, people just say "you are too resolved" and walk away. Well people have their own problems! :)

It is because of the attachment I am used to. And it is because of one incident that has changed my whole perspective about life.

It was my last 10th board exam on 23rd March, and I had done very well. I came out of the school and hugged both of my parents, who must have pictured me blurred, as their eyes were full of tears. I said "I will get 10 CGPA, their is no doubt about it."

For the next year I had planned to go to Chennai, our hometown. And my admission test was scheduled for 31st, 8 days were left. I had planned parties and a get together with my friends, but suddenly a phone call said that the test was preponed, and was on 27th. Our train was scheduled for 28th, and no trains or even airplane tickets were available. I was sad and about to cry, and just then my dad said "Lets go."

Me and my mother gawked at him. "Where?"- I asked.

"Chennai! By car."

My mind was numbed. But my mother had no doubt in my father's decision. She looked at dad's eyes and said to me "Pack your clothes. NOW."

In an hour we packed whatever we could. Thanks to my mother's punctuality, she had already packed all home-materials beforehand ( she was busy doing it since days). So only thing left was loading the baggage in the car. But I had not even prepared for the test, so I switched on my computer and my printer, printed 50 pages of current affairs and kept it in the car.

 We took a quick bath and left for Chennai,  a place 1682 kms away.

So we sat in our Innova, and I had just 10 last minutes to see the place I was born, and had lived for 16 years. I didn't want to cry, we already were in a lot of misery. But I was wrong. My parents were not in misery at all.

As soon as we left our city and reached the National Highway, my father switched on the stereo and started singing with my mother, some old Kishore Kumar hit. And then we all sang together "Zindagi ek safar hai suhaana, yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana." We all got the irony and smiled at each other.

The very night we reached Bhandara Road, some random stop in a highway. It was so eerie, but then we got some good people to help us out. We boarded a lodge, and still we didn't sit and crib about our fate. Instead, me and my dad sat and watch Cricket, and my mother completed a magazine's crossword.

It was as if we didn't want to think how fate's tables had turned. The next day we started for Hyderabad, and the very night reached too. My father had lost all his energy, but he still wanted to drive. We were constantly getting calls from family members, asking about our health and mostly about how many cracks were there on highways, how bad they were. Me and my mother pestered dad not to drive. One of my uncles who lives in Hyderabad solved our issue. He managed to get his personal driver on the job, and my father a snore-filled sleep.

The road was bad, immensely bad ( my family members will get their answers soon) and our bodies were aching. But no one complained, instead the driver was a fan of my songs so he didn't even refuse to play songs at 2 in the night ( instead he wanted them to play to keep him awake.) At 4 o clock I saw someone else driving. It was my father, the driver was sleeping. I was not able to do anything, but sigh.

The next day we reached Chennai, and straightaway reached my aunt's house. I was barely able to walk, but the happiness of reaching one day before the scheduled day was immense.

I gave the test and got a seat in school too. Some days later Board results were announced and I had got 10 CGPA. My parents were the happiest because we knew what those 1682 kms were. But it is surprising we did not know it as "tiring "bad game of fate." And I was happy that I had done justice to their hardship. After 10 days my father left for Korba. His is a government job and he cant transfer it to Chennai. So they decided that mother will live with me in Chennai and dad in Korba.

Many people have commented upon my mother "when will you leave your daughter alone!", "why do you live with your daughter when you should serve your husband?" "why don't you put her in a hostel?". And the answer to all this from my parent's side is and has always been "Why did we become parents if we had to leave her when she needs the utmost attention? It is not time yet, we are not done yet."

1 year has passed, my father visits for 10 days or more.
Yes it is very saddening, but then my good marks and achievement in Chennai has resulted in their boundless happiness. In the mean time my parents have not cried or wasted time in thinking about their sacrifice, boasting about it or teaching others to do the same. Now my father is practicing photography and my mother is pursuing Diploma in HR. They say that their is no way but to make use of this time. It is both relieving and fruitful.

 And I am in 12th now, and again plans have changed. Next year it will be Delhi for me, again a shift, again a change.

And we don't fear yet another journey.

P.S- Please excuse the typos if any. When it is about family, my fingers work involuntarily.

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Confused Soul said...

Wow that was quite a cute story. I must say your parents are amazingly sweet.

Touchwood :)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thank you CS. I appreciate it.:)