Thursday, May 17, 2012

Complement Aamir's efforts, dont just compliment.

Well, I am not going to raise a nationally relevant and provoking topic here. I am just shocked of what I got in the internet, and I want to raise a question- What will happen to India?

India's future is in the youth's hand. Our hand. And we are not doing that good. Already, we are tagged by the names- procrastinators, lazy bugs, couch potatoes, and people who like to sit at one place, comment on somebody's actions. And then sleep.

This time some of us have targeted the show "Satyamev Jayate." Though shows dealing with social issues were only regional, this is the first time some celebrity has made use of his popularity in the best and correct manner in a national forum. The topics are of national relevance, and they actually "Touch the heart" -as the promos promised. After the first episode, I logged into my FB accounts, and I saw positive responses. Many like pages, groups emerged and 1000 of them support a large number of causes now. 

But then India has a problem. When a man sets out to do some good, and HE IS doing some good, some people try to show that each and every step of his, is selfish. They get cynical. 

We do not support him for that one right thing. We comment, criticize, and then say "this is waste. This wont change India. Will thousand episodes change India?" Of course they wont. But then what will? 

A reader of a forum rightly said -

problem in india is just one thing

that thing is whenever few person or 1 person do right thing, we do not support him for that 1 right thing.

we start finding more faults in such people even if we are not perfect.

in this way we either end up punishing our heroes or face in crowd or in other words do long term harm to ourselves only

Some writer said "He is trying to be the Oprah Winfrey of India." Well, if he is, then let him do so! At least in his "trial of becoming O W", we might improve a bit!

Many points really hurt me. And these are my answers.

1.  That no change in any Indian issue is likely to come just because Reliance Foundation or Airtel are taking steps through sms.

Answer:- No show, no reality show which targets the brain and senses of audience, and wants their opinions, cannot work with sms or opinions or polls nowadays. And every show, needs a sponsor, financially speaking. If the sponsorship and partnership is going to do some good, then let it be. We like the show, we like the matters raised in the show, we hate that the matters are horrendous and are pockmarks on our country! People who are actually moved by this show, would have definitely did their bit then and there. My parents now support an NGO.  And that is just me talking. There are lot many who genuinely love the show, and are doing every bit to atleast clean some part of the dirt.

2. "Many shows like this have come and gone."

Answer:- Well, they must have. But then this is some colossal personality conducting it, who has many fans. Even if an apathetic person who does not care about Indian issues, would have seen it because of Amir Khan. And I bet my life, if he saw it for Amir khan, at the end of the show, he will decide to watch it again, the next sunday,  but this time- to know about yet another problem, and definitely, to do something about it.

 Well, some people rightly said that this show should enrage us, not make us cry. But it has just started. Let us start with appreciating good things! And coming to this, I am against reviewing shows on the basis of their first goddamn episode. Who knows, what is in the pandora box for us in the future?


I would like to see Mr. Khan first wife (Reema) to narrate her story , how Mr. Khan deserted her and moved on his life without bothering much about the her life.

Mr. Khan have no moral right to host the show and recite "Satyameva Jayate".

Answer:-  Well, this is yet again our Indian stupidity. When he is coming out and doing such a show, let us appreciate his effort. Along with that Re 1, let us go outside, do our bit.  But here, people connect with shows through the person who presents it. And then, we start commenting on his own personal image. THis man here, must have commented after the end of the show "Saale khud ne to doosri shaadi kar li." Well, is this relevant? is this really needed? Do we really need to care about his second marriage? In India, we live in a country where even a fart of a celebrity becomes a huge topic. And when something nationally relevant is being raised, you need not block it with idiocy.

4. He is taking 3 crore per episode.

Answer:-  Well, he is in such a profession that 3 crore is a minimal amount. Entertainment industry is an amalgamation of 1000 of industries, and money is huge. So what is 50,000 for us is some random crore for him. It is his job, his profession. Just because he is doing a society related show, does not mean he will suddenly resort to meager amounts. Even if he does, this will again fetch comments like "He is just showing off by charging less amounts to show he " is one of us"."

5.  THis wont bring a revolution.

Answer:-  HE DOES NOT want to bring a revolution. HE clearly stated in an interview that he is not the next Mahatma Gandhi. He never wanted to bring out a change. He is just using his popularity in highlighting some issues, and while highlighting, he wants to do his bit, so he is writing letters and is taking our affirmation. He is an entertainer, and he is entertaining our humanistic side. He wants us to come out of the fictional world of tv and taste reality. After 12:30, what YOU do, what is YOUR action after watching the show, is none of his business. He is just doing his bit. And it is getting famous because it is HIM.

Aamirs fake tears could be easily seen in show. Highly overated show. Aamir just making cry by asking very very hurting questions.

Answer:-  Well, someone admits the question hurts him. He does not want EMPATHY or SYMPATHY. But we are humans, some stories make us cry. But then the tears lead to rage too. We cry, and then we think that whatever has happened is not right. And it needs to be corrected.

Plus, Aamir's tears fake or real, that was never the crux of the show. Those discussing his tears are the sole resistors to development.

In the end, I just want to say that YES, an hour and a half show can never bring a sudden revolution, but it never intented to bring the same! Amir's sole intention was to come to the TV industry with something substantial.  Instead of criticizing his steps, we should support his call for change. Yes, his is just a call. The change is in our hands. He is showing the country in which WE Live, HE lives. He is showing lives of viewers, that is me and you, and many others. He clearly stated, he is not there to bring about a change. He wants people to wake up, and through the show, understand the stale society we live in.  He is an actor and he is earning oodles of money and the channel is gaining TRPS is not our matter of concern.
I want to capture your hearts and don't want to receive your claps. Let your hearts clap in unison with what I'm saying, and I think, I shall have finished my work.

Mahatma Gandhi once stated this, and even after this, his speech was applauded, was clapped for. It is a sign of acknowledgement, a sign that says "You were heard." In the same way, Aamir's fame will bring him money, bring fame to the shows, at the same time it will wake us up from our slumber.

 I am not saying Amir is the Mahatma of 21st century, or is trying to be. But I want to say one thing- 

A man who sets out to do something good genuinely, never wants his work to be "complimented", but "complemented."

Complement Aamir's effort. Do not be cynical, do not just COMPLIMENT IT.


manya said...

I agree with your points that you mentioned! I mean ya people always have something or other to say when someone stands up!

Vetrimagal said...

Superbly written. I appreciate your thinking on the subject. I too agree that whatever Aamiir khan is , in personal life, does not matter. He is making us think!!! If his tears are fake, his concern is theatre, it is not relevant. He is an actor, and he is using it for a good show!And not some bedroom reality show or some glamourous,Jahtak-matak show!
Right now there is no other celebrity who can catch our imagination with such finesse.For that alone " well done Aamir"