Monday, May 7, 2012



Now that summers have arrived, everyone thinks of one thing- HOW TO BEAT THE HEAT! Many newspaper columns, magazines, websites give an array of things one can do. I don't find any uniqueness in the tips they give. It is the same every year, but then- the heat is not. The heat is so suffocating that if somebody even says "It is so hot" , you start sweating ( note the hyperbole.)
The cliche tips are-
1. Drink, and drink lots of juices!
2. Watch the latest films!
3. For students- write articles and read books.
4. For mothers- try making different summer cuisines.
5. Go for holidays- explore the nature and SHOP till you drop!

Well, What I think is that all these things can be done in other holidays also, so why not make our summers unique??? Well, I am not going to say something really top of the world. But then, I will just distort these cliche tips into interesting and cool things to do in summer.

1. Drink Juices? All right, we can do that any day. Well yes, drinking in the summer is a very different form of enjoyment, and the best form of relief. But then what about those who are striving for a drop of water? So, let us buy those Squash bottles, and get outside. We can give it to the roadside beggars, vendors who work day and night in the scorching heat; to the auto driver who has to work in the sun just to give us a shady drive. And for our nature buddies, we can take a big tub of water and keep in the veranda or the courtyard for the birds and the dogs to quench their thirst.

2.Watch the latest films- like we don't visit the multiplex in winter! Well, what we can do is- Create or nurture a creative side. Let us MAKE films. Well yes, how to do this in the scorching heat!! Well, if we have 10 friends for this, heat wont matter at all! And films as in- Short films. Take up a topic- and put it on YOUTUBE! Well, things go viral easily nowadays. You never know, you will be the one giving a speech on business in IIM!

3. Write articles and read books- This goes for ALL holidays, why only summer?? So for giving summer that ultra-important position, select 1 author and try reading his complete range of books. (Mine is John Grisham this time!)

4. Why mothers do all the work??? They need a holiday too! All the kids in their 16s or 17s, make kitchen your empire and patronize Youtube and cookery magazines- dazzle your family, and especially MUM.

5. Don't you go for holidays in Diwali too? Well, do go for holidays- but make it special, make it something substantial. Go to places, write journals,write about the specialty of the place. And if you continue to do this in every holiday,make use of the scope internet gives. Join a travel blog and make India famous!

So things can be done differently without much effort and tons of enjoyment! Don't beat the heat, Greet the heat!
 MODEL: My cousin. -_-

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