Monday, May 21, 2012

Ishaqzaade- I review

Well, Ishaqzaade is the first film review I have EVER written in my blog, and I think it is good enough, to kick start my journey in reviewing.

Ishaqzaade, catches interest because of its unique name. We are used to names of films like Kaminey, Lafangey Parindey, and our old dadajis once said "If films like these come, one day we will have all the obscene gaalis turning up as films, like haramzaade, and, you-dont-want-to-know.  But then our industry has something to surprise our oldies, it is not Haramzaade, it is Ishaqzaade era.

I wont review it in the basic format. I am used to doing things my way, so, I will review it my way.

Okay, this is not a review. My friend asked me questions about the film, these are my answers.

HE: So, what were you expecting from Ishaqzaade?

I did not go inside the hall without ANY expectations, zilch.

HE: Why the hell did you go then?

 Arjun Kapoor. As simple as that. I am a 17 yr old GIRL. He looks awesome. AWE-SO-ME. That is why. Plus FAT-TO-FIT success. I can relate to him with the word before TO. So, do the math. Plus, you will find Parineeti too cute. I cant say much about that.:P

HE: You girls are idiots. Which type of audience surrounded you? Is it filled with Hashmi stuff? I need to give my mother all the proof of decency I can give.

Couples. One pair was even kissing during the movie, just after the actors stopped it. Two kissing scenes, one       scene of love in the train. No, Not Hashmi types. Very finely edited- nothing wrong for you to see. You are 18 right? And your mom wa.....

HE: SHUT UP. Were the audience acknowledging the film?

ME: What type of question is this? Whatever.
Not the film, but the actors. The way they were shouting at Chhokra Jawan, ( the scene where Arjun Kapoor lifts up his vest [ehem, I fainted right there]), I knew that Arjun Kapoor has got the love he wanted.
For Parineeti, she has in it. This Ambala girl has that Anushka Sharma charm, but then I wont put both of them at the same stance. Parineeti has an innocent, I-am-so-cute type of charm. In this film, she needed to be a little I-am-furious-I-am-one-helluva-fighter types. And she did it, cent percent.

HE: What did you like?

The twist before the interval. The laugh which Arjun Kapoor gives just before the intermission ENRAGES you. You want to kill him, rip him apart, tear the film screen. But you dont. He is too cute. And your anticipation increases to see what Parineeti does to fight against him.

HE: What you didn't like?

ME: Nobody will like the end. You want more twists, turns, but BLAH. Nothing.

HE:Who is better? Arjun or Parineeti?

You. you are amazing in game of boring me with idiotic questions. Parineeti's second film, plus she is spontaneous- so she was the BIGGEST strength in the film. Arjun's performance shows that IT IS HIS first film. Suddenly you tell a Mumbai guy to become a "Abey haramkhor sale kutte" types, it will take time, effort, labour, TRANSFORMATION. And he did it 85%. 15% - girls will never give a damn to this 15%. People may find him a little, you know, RAW.

HE: Cut the % crap. What is your final verdict?  Should I pay 120 for this?

3 out of 5. But I think you should not see this film based on reviews. This is one film where you cant decide its performance through somebody else's eyes. I liked it, you might not like it. But then you wont say the performances were bad. They are the major points. And about your money, I wont give you ANY advice. But yes, it is a one time watch. Plus, you like Gauhar Khan right?

HE: Oh yes, she is in the film right?


He: Then I am going. Bye. Why didnt you tell me that she is there in the film?


He: I wouldn't have asked you any other question.



Anonymous said...

Hey, came across this by accident, good read, nice way to review a movie, reminds me of Know your english column in the Hindu, kudos !

Archana said...

Hahaha!! That one hell of a unique review!!

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot !!!!!!! :)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks Archana!