Monday, May 14, 2012


A human,
Whose powers scare the God,
A human,
Whose tears can purify the world,
A human,
Whose cheer can make the universe colorful,
A human,
Whose eyes can look at things which normally
We cannot see.
A human,
Whose anger,
Can decapitate us,
Or create a better us.

Who is such an omnipotent,
Greater than God personality?

It has to be someone,
Who was created by the almighty.
But then,
At the same time,
Say that the person
Is greater than the Lord?

It is because somethings,
Cannot be handled by the God,
Cannot be controlled by the Great.

It is because,
Some pains cannot be resolved by Him,
Some wounds cannot be cleared by the Lord.

He created mother.

He created mother,
So that she can continue the legacy
He started.
Her womb,
Is the place where
God’s lineage is maintained.

Because God knows,
Even He,
Would not be,

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Savi Shukla said...

Miss u ma'am.... mah mother at school.....
miss u too prerna.....