Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The footstep of a guy, and the leap of my heart

Written alongwith Deepika Mahesh.( friend)
   “Happy Monday” – defined as the best oxymoron by Garfield. Somehow today, I don’t agree. 

When you wake up in the morning, you feel nothing is motivating you to leave the cot, dress up for a school that has nothing in store for you but mere boredom. But wait a second-

Suddenly!!! There is an epiphany, your mind suddenly lights up and ears listen to some other world, not your mother's yelling to brush your teeth and ultra-smelling mouth.
You just think of that particular scene which you do not want to have an end to or you want it to repeat every minute to keep the breath inside you intact.
So you finally get off the bed, and even though you dont look even quarter of what Megan Fox does, you try being as presentable as possible, just, just to pass him by, and rejuvenate your hitherto slumbering self.

Studying in a school, the size of a mini-country, it seldom happens that a person passes you by, and you forget why YOU were walking! Their mere walk takes your breath away. something very, very similar happened and this is my perception about it-

On a general basis, if I take a survey, that whether students will choose to "hang out" in the washroom during free periods in school, ( where you can find people's repressed feelings in written forms on the walls), they will either make a face for the weird question or would say "unless we desperately want to bunk a class."  

But then as we study in a school, where there is no "empty place", wherever you go, wherever you accidentally reach, there are 100 more people like you, this is not always true. So washroom is THE PLACE for some people.

Hence, here me and my other friend were waiting by the washroom (patiently, I may add) for our third friend to ‘do her job’ ( call somebody maybe? ) when lightening struck *boom/crash*.

It’s like we were standing in a dark alley late night waiting for a candle to take our next few steps. It was that beautiful. To all the teenage girls in the world, imagine this –
5’9, fair, chocolate brown eyes, wire rimmed glasses, tousled dark brown hair, and shirt worn in style (half in half out) but not unkempt walking towards you with a knowing smirk. With a slight slouch (but not the kind that’ll want to make you go and give him a stern look to walk straight), he had one hand in his uniform pocket and the other ruffling his hair. He adjusted his glasses, and the way he walked, it seemed as if he was leaving petals of roses behind him, and the marble underneath his feet was getting shy of the beauty he yielded. 

Obviously, he was not heading towards us, he went by, walking gracefully leaving a trace of perfume, Gucci, we suspect, which added more to our gaga feelings . Unfortunately our friend picks this moment to come out of the washroom and ushers us to class as she was the one who heard the bell, she was not aware of our pre-occupation. We give one last look and then come back to mother earth from the perfectly blissful place we were sent to by a simple commoner.

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