Sunday, June 10, 2012

To the Ministers of India

NOTE: Had written this long ago in the same blog, but then I dont know how it got vanished. :O

To the "ministers" who run the country,

 Howdy? I know, this is not going to reach you guys by any means, because freedom of speech in India is for name sake, and slowly that too will extinct. But then there is a limit one can be frustrated, and it has to get inflated like your ego one day or another. 

You people should know you can’t do anything which matches to the fame you claim. You 70 yr olds have not been able to take a clear decision about a terrorist who is nicely sitting and eating Taj Hotel Naan, just because he wants leniency as he is young. What about the death of 1000s of young people he is responsible for? Does judiciary not have any space for humanity?

Maybe there are political strings attached to it, or maybe you are benefiting from this some way or other- because you guys know how to profit yourself even when the whole country is down into dumps of price inflation, corruption etcetera!

Yes, I say that you people are old. Way too old. Some of you can’t even talk properly or walk like normal men and women. Some of you are living on capacitors and machines. But then you will say that with all these problems, we are still working for the nation. Are you doing any good? And then you want the youth to come in politics. Sorry buddies, we know our capabilities. We know that we can’t cleanse the mess we have created; we are even more useless than you are. It is not that we are abstaining from the responsibilities you have taken on your shoulders, but then if you call watching porn in the parliament as politics, we guess we have better things to do in life.

Yes you may have done many things for the nation, but then the statistics we read in our books are not that impressive. You might be thinking I am leading such an easy life, going to school, eating my mother's food and simply writing some words here and not thinking of the consequences you face daily- but I do know your work involves a lot of problems, but then you were the one who took the decision of solving India's issues- not me.

You people have made some other really sensible people refute you so many times. You have made a yoga guru get some ink splashed on his face, you have made 80 something year old starve. You have made us shameful when you raped your friend's wife. And after doing all the shit you do, you resign because you don’t want to put a pockmark on our country's name. Dudes (or dadajis)- you have done it already.

The things you do during polls, like suddenly arresting a person related to a Train blast case of 2007, or suddenly erupt cases from the huge pile of the unattended cases, doesn’t help but ruin things even more.

You know what, there is a reason Indian youth leaves India for jobs outside. Because occupations are not treated as social hierarchy there. People outside earn more even if they drive a cab- because respect is given to each and every job. A mason is as important as you there.

That reminds me, why are you important anyway? Why do you think you need protection when you are not the ones killed in cars, trains and hotels? Why do you think your lives are far more precious than the people who earn the income you depend on and eat your daily 5 star food with? Why are you losing whatever trivial amount of brains you have?

You like to spend crores on Idols, You just need an open park in India where you can make idols of yourself and do puja of yourself, the same park which can be used for some green belt or tree plantation.), you want people to touch your feet and taste the dust of it, you want people to give you gifts on your birthday and you extort money for birthday parties, but you don’t even care for the people who can’t even get a meal in a day.

If you want the youth to support you, become “Real” idols for us. Do something which stimulates the Indian in us. Or better just tell the truth of all the wrongdoings and come clean. Stop making India a suffocating place.

Unfortunately yours,

An Indian.

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