Saturday, June 30, 2012

When in the the land of Rule Breakers, Follow the rules and do what the rule breakers do.

People think following rules is done by those who don't have the guts to break them. But then this one whole week has given me an overview of how Following Rules can be very advantageous.

In India, Schools follow the British System- uniform, discipline, etcetera etcetera. And now being in the 12th standard, teachers tell us to become "ROLE MODELS" for our JUNIORS, by wearing the perfect uniform and come in the correct hair style. Well, they don't know what kind of a risk they are taking, because our present generation is buffalo skinned- even sitting on a pin wont hurt us.

So they do their jobs by telling us to follow Bandura's Social Learning. But then they are demanding this from people who didn't "imitate" their seniors when THEY WERE juniors. We NEVER came in the correct hairstyle, or correct uniform, then how now? :P

But their demand is very less. They just want us to look human. But then we don't like to follow these rules. Pink clips, green rubber bands, bangs, fringes, puffs, buns, single fishtail, messy ponytail
side plait, french braid, Dutch braid, that braid, this braid- I might as well opt a career for a beautician, BECAUSE THAT IS THE VARIETY of styles you can see in my school, or any other school.-_-

 Uniform- when we have to wear a blue uniform, we wear the white one which is supposed to be worn on Mondays. When we are told to wear hair ribbons, we wear gift satin ribbons. We have GUTS, and no one can stop us from deviating from the norms.

In a city school, a child goes 18 kms away from his house to the school. So it is far away, and parents are often in fear. So mobile phones are often allowed in our school, but you NEED TO DEPOSIT IT TO THE TEACHER. Well, this rule is often NOT followed. And even if the teacher is handed over the phone, the teacher is the most Stressed person in the whole world. After the whole deposition, what she has is a plastic bag of worth say, 90,000? ( Nokia Touch, Blackberries, Iphone, I touch, Samsung Galaxy bla bla bla bla), and if she loses one mobile, then...

Talking to friends of the other class, flirting with guys- no teacher likes it when you do it in HER PERIOD! She is going to teach you something which may end up deciding your future, but you are busy chatting with the friend you saw less than an hour ago. No one with a rational behaviour will tolerate this. But then we have better things to do than understand how consumer attains equilib-whatever, don't we?

But, here is the CATCH- Following rules is a  LOT MORE FUN.

Have you even heard of one thing?- When a thief  steals once, the next time a theft takes place in his area and even if he has NOT stolen anything this time, he will be the first one to be suspected, or even blamed. The real thief will run off with his money, and might as well end up becoming a rich man.

This is what happens to the RULE BREAKERS in school. Once you break the rule, the next time even if someone else caused harm, you will be the one who will be called for. But if you have NEVER broken the rule, and neglect one rule once, you will never be accounted for.

1. 10 days you come in the proper uniform, one day you don't, say for some reason ( or just laziness)- you will NOT be asked why didn't you come in the correct dress.
10 days you come in the wrong uniform, you will be scolded every day. After the 10 days come one day in the correct dress- No one cares.

2. Bring mobile if you really want to use it for other than listening to music. Or if its presence gives a sense of security, give it to the teachers.
But then, have you ever thought about those toddlers who come to school ( their houses might as well be 20 kms away too!)
They surely cannot take care of themselves, neither they can "manage" a problem that they were not expecting. They don't have mobiles, do they?
But when we are 18,  we  fear for our security, what would we do if something crops up? But then we know we are intelligent enough to sort a problem out! But still we need a small gadget to help us sort our problems.
Well this is totally a different topic to discuss on :P

3. Never bunk a class for months, or for years. But one day  even you want to taste the fun, and you gather guts and go for it! No one will even ask where were you! And even if they ask, your looooong history of obedience will anyway neutralise their anger.

4. If you are found talking to a HOT guy on the corridor ( for one day), no one will suspect you of "adolescent deviant behavioral problems of attraction and infatuation".
 Talk to him everyday, and then one day attend the class very obediently, your name is already in the blacklist of the Principal.

So, by following rules, you can always do things which you do by breaking them, that too with more advantages. You will relatively do well in class, have a "boyfriend" to talk about also, have already experienced "bunking", and done all the things which RULE breakers get scoldings for.

Dalai Lama himself said- Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.!

my little modification- Follow all the rules for a long time so that people think you are the "rule "fool"lower . When you break them, no one will notice.

P.S- I never broke the rules, neither did I take the above advantages. ( No suspicious looks please.) * looks away*

PPS- This is only for Positive Rules. Rules which enforce negative behaviour are not supported here.

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Manian said...

Good write-up dear, keep observing - its a good teacher.