Monday, July 23, 2012

Indian Filmmakers- Don't depress us further!

My god! Nearly a month passed and I did not write a post! It is all because of the Class 12th Board preparations that has kept me busy, and will keep me busy till March 2013, or maybe even after that. No matter how much YOU try to feel unperturbed about this class, people enforce the fear in you.

Well, anyway. The last week was MOVIE week for me- I saw the two latest releases- Cocktail and The Dark Knight Rises. And I have drawn two conclusions after seeing two good films in their own genre.

1. Why some romantic comedies become EPIC FAILURES In India?

Because they tend to patch work all the romantic comedies of Hollywood and make it a Bollywood film, along with Indian masala. Those who work purely according to the director and writer's peril, like Jab We Met, work because they actually have the capability to be called Romantic and Comical. 


Pyaar Impossible
Dil bole Hadippa 
Chaar din ki Chaandni
Teri Meri Kahani 
and many many more movies that went without a trace.

Why some superhero/supernatural movies go down in the dumps in India?

Because even though we get the best action sequences, we lose out in the story which the audience still looks for behind all the brouhaha of the whole technology. English superhero movies like Batman Series, Spiderman series, even though they are TOTALLY fictional, have emotional punches. They have a story alongwith the action sequences, and the story is not overshadowed by the technological extravaganza. But some movies, even though their stories are not THAT hard hitting as in Hollywood, have worked in India. Eg- Krrish, and, I  cant think of any other example right now.

The lackluster movies in supernatural genre-

Love story 2050

The Hindi dubbed English movies earned more than movies like "Maximum" in 2012. That shows how Hollywood movies are slowly creating more space by nudging the Bollywood films aside.

Cocktail became more of a mocktail in the second half, but comparatively, was a very good film. Ranbir Kapoor's Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani was stupidly cute, but then it lacked the grip.So, I think amongst the crowd of new cinema, Jab we Met is my personal favorite when it comes to Indian romantic comedies. I am not much of a follower of the old cinemas, but I bet there would have been great rom-coms in the older times. How did I conclude that- The look on the face of an old dadaji when he came outside the hall after seeing Cocktail. 

The Dark Knight Rises is an amazing film, Imdb rates it as 9.2 out of 10. Need I say more? Well, truth- I never followed Batman that curiously as I did with Spiderman, but then this last movie has made me regret and I will surely make it a point to see other Batman films. Only the Christian Bale ones though. He is so good.
I don't really tend to observe foreigners when they come to India ( I used to when I was 10, they were different species for me then.), but doing so helped me this time. This English woman who came out of the cinema hall after TDKR had an air of pride around herself, as if she had made the film; when she saw boys shouting about the movie being so great, she gave a condescending smile.

The current Bollywood movies should really gear up for giving good movies to us. Out of 100 movies, 20 movies are good, and out of those 20, 5 have a script. Indian filmmakers should star worrying more about the story rather than the actress's and actor's payment, item numbers, dresses, costumes, film promotion, songs. Just mourning and whining about "Rajesh Khanna's 15 continuous hits and saying no one has and never will ever crossed the record" won't work. 

They should know they are depriving a country rated as the most depressed nation of the world from substantial entertainment.

Time to contribute to the good of Indians, people! Don't depress us further!


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