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That God in denims and a Nike shirt- and me designing the future with him.

I am designing the future in association with & INK talks.

GOD: Hi, *looks at a Google Nexus Tablet*- human number 2601199521stcenturykid#09876543219.

Prerna: Call me Prerna mate, it is easy for you to say and me to hear.

GOD: So Prerna, what are you writing about today?

Prerna: Oh wow. Even God cannot predict what I am writing about, and some people on earth try and predict our lives! Well, for your question- I am thinking how can one design the future.

GOD: That is very interesting indeed.

Prerna: Is it? I thought you will retort with a "How can you design a future when it is already decided by the cosmic powers?

GOD: I have never said that.

Prerna: People say you have.

GOD: Then you are just too gullible. I never have told anything. People have just their ways to scare the world so that it runs according to their will.

Prerna: Did not get you!

GOD: I never laid down any rules, nor i have a rule book. But then humans are very greedy and indisciplined. Someone had to put them in their right places. So they made some shitty rules, rituals, ceremonies bla bla bla under my name; so that people get scared of being punished by me *chuckles* and do what they are bound to do. They don't know I am just a cool being with a power of seeing all of you from the great sky. The ideas of me having magical powers and all that bull crap, is sheer, well, bull crap. I do not have the time to fulfill wishes, or punish people. I have better things to do in life. Like, *looks at the nails of hand*- file my nails maybe? *gets a filer from Prerna's drawer and starts filing nails*

Prerna: Well, that is a pretty good explanation. 

GOD: So how are you going to design the future? Get me a cup of hot chocolate and I will listen to you.

Prerna: Cant you just chant something and get it yourself? Isn't it what you are supposed to do? *laughs and enjoys God's irritated expression*

God: Why don't you just say you are too lazy to get up and get it for me? *gets up and makes a cup of hot chocolate*. So yes, tell me.

Prerna: Well I am no scientific kid, I don't know how to design a machine which can change the world, I don't know how to invent a battery or a cell or the like which can make the world a better place. I am a writer, a humanities kid who has been bestowed with only one power- the power of words.

GOD: Bestowed? Power? What are you? A human created form of me?

Prerna: No, I am just trying to be euphemistic of my lack in scientific abilities, and  my laziness of searching and flipping big hard bound books of Einstien.While thinking of designing the future, I didn't like the idea of wiki-ing stuffs or take the help of Google to find out how people think of designing the future. Nor my brains worked in a "futuristic, scientific" way.of designing the future. Though most of the change can be done scientifically, I pondered whether things could be changed in a different way. 

GOD: Very great indeed.


Every problem, originates from the lack of monetary power- poverty. If you do not have money, you are not happy. You are in the lower rungs of the social and economic strata, thus are treated unequally. You cannot afford to get A-grade health check ups. And because you hate all of this, you wage war against who get it all.

God: When the human race originated, did poverty prevail?

Prerna: My Go., I mean, Shit! You don't know this?

God: Hey! I have my inabilities! 


Not at the very start, because our brains had to develop and become very sharp and sly . Neolithic Revolution was the time when we started practicing agriculture, and emergence of social complexity and inequality emerged. Some people started asserting power, and some started getting subdued.

And it is a myth that now a days poverty prevails only in villages. If you come out of that air conditioned mall or multiplex, what you can see is a street urchin, a girl in tattered clothes selling books of ABC, books which she could have read instead of selling it to a kid who is of her age.

God: What can be done then?

Prerna: A lot.  People say " it is hard", "we don't have time", "will people acknowledge?", and stop good things from happening! Well I don't blame them.  Our youth, especially school goers and college-goers have been tied in such an inflexible education system that doing something out of the boundary is either a matter of great courage, or just stupidity. 

God: Well you humans created problems for humans only! Then there has to be a way to eradicate this problem.

Prerna: Well, yea. I think that there is one thing which is the epicenter of all the problems, and even the solution.

God: What is that?

Prerna: Education. 

God: But those people clad in white clothes in your country are trying to spread it since my British kids went away!

Prerna: That is just in paper. Nothing has been properly implemented!

God:  My myself! Wasting paper for no reasons at all!

Prerna: Wow! Out of all that you subsume only wastage of paper?! Anyways, I think there is a way we can solve this problem. Not in a jiffy, but then even its gradual process can help in speedy recovery.

God: *sips* Go on.

Prerna:  As now education is getting highly commercialised, and the emphasis is more on the infrastructure  and the fees rather than the "education" apsect of schooling, we can use this problem as our first solution.

God: Say what?

Prerna: Well,  there should be a rule that if they want to make the building HUGE and ATTRACTIVE and of some amount of acres  and fees of XXX rupees, they have to ensure that all the street kids of their area, should get free education till Class 10th.  And the already estasblished private and government schools, should be allowed to work only when there is extra accommodation, extra classrooms for the lesser-privileged kids.  

God:  That is so stupid. Private schools and social service?

Prerna: Why not? There are some schools which support Shiksha Kendra etc. And if they find the offer bad, they will..

God: Run a car over you and kill you?

Prerna: Possibly. But then they might turn down the offer and build it somewhere else. But that "somewhere" should have the same rule. This rule has to be made universal, that is what I meant.

God: Don't you think this is superifical?

Prerna: I am thinking of designing the future, not how to bake cakes. I am allowed to be superficial.

God: But then you need to implement it too right? Don't you have any other alternative?

Prerna:  You are right. But I don't feel it "cannot" be an alternative.  It can be, but some humans, some people will say, " how will I send my child to the same school where my maid's child also goes?".
God:  Ya that is there.

Prerna: This problem can be solved if there is a necessary rule issued by the government to ALL the schools. 

God: And that is?

Prerna: What if, every child after the completion of his 10th grade, that is after minimum education, serves in the village for a year to educate a certain number of kids?

God: But who will comply?

Prerna: God, There are many countries which have MILITARY service compulsory!! And this is no war, it is a humanitarian job. If every child, after 10th, has to go to a village of their state and educate children for atleast a year, with a compulsion that if they don't, they wont be allowed to give their 12th boards, or, 20% of this social service adds to their final percentage in 12th, they will definitely pack their bags and run to the villages.  Who will be willing to get debarred from their life's most important examination?

God: But then if they will be doing this out of compulsion.....

Prerna: I think we humans have not rotted that much. In due course, they will ofcourse feel good that they are doing something which contributes to the country's good.  

God:  What about their 11th then?

Prerna: People go out for AFS programmes, they get to know the "culture" of other countries for one year and when they come back, they are ready to  give their Class 11th as they missed it the whole year. People are to sacrifice only one year, not a whole lifetime. Or private tutoring can be offered too! One can learn in the morning, teach in the evening! And the education which is getting imparted, can be continued by the next batch. Or even college students can take this up as an extra job, and teach the kids further. And this way, people will not have retroactive memory too! Or, we can bring back the Plus+1 education system, alongwith one year of compulsory social service.

God: What about employment?

Prerna: I think when you have the power of education in your hand, you can defy every kind of world's problems. And then, our mates in CIVIL Society can help us too. NGOs, Or private institutions, can give them On the job training, or fund their further education.   And people from Bollywood, who get crores and billions for their movies, can actually give something  out of their income to the betterment of these kids.

God: So basically you want more private participation in social service?

Prerna: And more youth too! And if people are not willing to sacrifice Class XIth, the freshers in college should be put under this compulsion of educating their junior, lesser-privileged counterparts. And definitely, they will come out as changed, noble beings.  It is a big task, tracking down villages near a city, then getting the count of kids and teach them. One can start from the street kids in a city, and then go on to educate children in villages. Schools/ Colleges can keep a check whether the children are being taught or not by handing out a journal to the kids/freshers, where they will record what they taught, how much and whom did they teach, and get it signed by the higher authorities.  Schools/colleges should give a part of their building for this purpose, or a building can be constructed or rented for the same, if one is teaching inside the city.  If outside the city, in some village etc, a building can be constructed for night-schooling! I think SOCIAL SERVICE, should be made compulsory in India after a child has crossed the age of 16. 

God: You did all the talking, why did you call me?

Prerna: Because in this world, people are way to busy to listen to your ideas, or call them foolish, superficial, impossible, non conforming, idiotic..

God: Okay Okay Stop! Well, that is not totally true. There is an INK conference held in India, a place where ideas are discussed to design the future, change the world! Go google it, now!

Prerna:  Oh yes! I have heard about it all right! I will definitely share my ideas with them! Thank you. Well, if you do not have powers, how did you listen to me and came to me right away?

God: Because you are dreaming.

Prerna: I am what?

*splash of water*

Mother: What are you blabbering? God? social service? INK? compulsory education? 

Prerna: Nothing ma. *grins*

Goes to the laptop, and checks mail

*Blogadda- Write for the INK Conference*

Prerna brushes her eyes to see whether this is true. She pinches herself.

*clicks open*

Prerna:  This is what I saw in my dream! Oh man! This is so, weirdly good.

*goes to blogger, and starts typing what happened to her, the weird feeling of "GOD" talking to her in dreams, clad in denims and a nike shirt, and how, in due course, she got the idea of designing the future.*

Clicks "Publish".


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