Monday, October 22, 2012

If the present year was 1961-

and I was 17, I would have got my child admitted in school by now.

When you are 17, and when you come to know that your grandma had a child at your age, you do not know how to react. Whether to be happy, to be sad, to be relieved or to be agitated. Nothing will change the sad fact. 

Just putting yourself in her position will give you shivers. Just think, you are 16, JUST 16, when everything is slightly changing, things seem tad too colorful, and you are embarking on a new stage of life. And suddenly your parents send you off to a person who is exactly 10 years older than you. Now a days even a 10 year difference is termed as generation gap

You have to leave your studies, which you love the most. Nobody asks you, whether you WANT to marry, you WANT to study or simply- DO YOU WANT ANYTHING? Everything is pre-decided, and predestined. Nobody cares about your needs, wants. They just want to unload the baggage and put it on somebody else's head. Why? At least she can bear the family a child!

Marrying someone who is 10 yrs older than you, is nothing but ridiculous. Just compare it with your school classes. A girl is getting married to a boy who was in CLASS Xth when she was in the first grade. Well, it does not seem logical does it?

A 26 yr old man is, well, a MAN. A 16 yr old is not even a lady. But then just because she has the capability to be so, she is married off. And she has to do everything a 30 yr old is expected to do. When she was supposed to go to college, she had kids who studied in kindergarten; when she was supposed to have a job, her son is already in middle school. When she was supposed to be married, her child passes off 12th and is in college.

The Haryana Khaap Community, says that rapes will decrease if girls are married off at the age of 15-16. 
First, the definition of rape is-
Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent.

Well, getting a girl married at the age of 16, will OFCOURSE not include her consent. So even marriage at 16 is equal to rape, only difference is that it has the consent of the elders, and moreover- consent of  the parents of the girls.

The Khaap also says that junk food causes hormonal imbalance, which thus leads to rape.

Well, I won't go on to explain this idiotic statement. But I have a counter-statement to this-
Making a girl marry at a tender age when she is not even biologically, emotionally and psychologically ready for this legal institution of sexual relationship, this also leads to a imbalance  Then, how come is this legit?

And after the marriage, she is supposed to bear only male child.  Some Indians who demand this, well, lack intelligence. Well, if you do not have any girl child, from who will the other families demand a male child? If there is no woman on earth, a man is useless. A man's manhood is of no use. Then how will you fulfill your demand of having a boy? Who will bear you the boy? If everyone in India practices this, you cant even "trade" women from other states. What will you do then?

Maybe the Khaap, which can go to extremities of illogical statements, and can never take socially acceptable and women-friendly decisions,  will say- "We will tell the science department of the WORLD to find out a way of having a male child biologically through same sex marriage, or through test tubes, or to produce women scientifically, as number of women is getting less. BUT WE STILL NOT ACCEPT GIRL CHILD. Hame to Hamare parivar ka  chirag chahiye. ( We want a male child to enlighten and lead our generation. Not a female child.)

One last question to them-

Why was your mother born then? Why wasn't she killed, because she was a woman? She was a girl when she was born right? Why and how  did she have a chance to live? How were you born? 

Well, I bet they will not have an answer to this. 

Hopefully, they don't.

I am done with my rant. I need to eat Chowmein now.

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